Expert SleepersGeneral CV MIDI-Based Sound Source


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Expert Sleepers General CV

General CV, from Expert Sleepers, is a multifarious module that can be configured as a MIDI synthesizer, CV-to-MIDI converter, and host processor. In the latter configuration the module can generate MIDI data based on control voltages or via algorithm. Its integrated software affords the ability to transcend the parameters of general MIDI. For example, General CV can behave as a VCO with the added ability to construct intricate chords and appealing textures, or as a drum machine with nine separate trigger inputs. Whatever its purpose, users can rest assured that the module will open the door to an entirely unexplored array of sounds.

General CV Features

  • 2 digital inputs
  • 3 unipolar CV inputs (0-5V)
  • 4 bipolar CV inputs (+/- 5V)
  • Outputs (3.5mm jack sockets)
  • 2 - stereo left & right
  • 5 rotary encoders, each with push button
  • 0.91" OLED display MicroSD card slot
  • 'Select Bus' compatible (receive only)
  • Expansion header for MIDI I/O (compatible with the disting mk4 MIDI breakout)
  • Panel width: 12HP
  • Module depth: 50mm Inputs (3.5mm jack sockets)
  • Current draw: 91mA on the +12V rail, 27mA on the -12V rail
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Product Demo Videos
Expert Sleepers General CV Module
If you have been waiting for 90's general midi sounds to come to your eurorack the wait is over. The Expert Sleepers General CV is a module with all of the general midi sounds with CV control as well as the ability to playback midi files from a microSD card.
Halloween Inspired Sound Design : Patch Pals Spooky Sound Special (Very Scary)
Wes, Jacob, Brian, and Bryce go full on spooky with some synthesizers, pedals, mics, and slime!
General CV - Shepard mode exploration
Exploring the Shepard mode, new in General CV firmware v1.3.
Audio direct out of General CV, with no further processing.
Expert Sleepers General CV MIDI-Based Sound Source Reviews