XOR Electronics NerdSEQ Eurorack Sequencer (Silver)

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XOR Electronics Nerdseq

NerdSEQ is an intuitive sequencer designed specificlaly for eurorack synthesizer systems. It boasts 6 tracks and 18 outputs. Each of its tracks can emit either CV, Modulations, or Triggers. Additional features include 4 inputs, both clock and reset ins/outs, 255 sequencer rows, and 4 sample tracks. For those looking for an ergonomic sequencer that is more than capable of handling studio and stage environments, look no further.

This is the SILVER version of the NerdSEQ.

Nerdseq Features

  • A full CV and Trigger sequencer based on oldschool trackers (like Fasttracker2, ImpulseTracker or LittleSoundDJ)
  • 18 outputs for CV and Trigger sequencing. CV’s are free assignable for Note-scale and/or Modulations. 4 Multi purpose Inputs
  • 2 additional outputs for 4 sample tracks allow sample sequencing including special sample-FX
  • ~190mA on the +12Volt Rail 
  • ~32mA on the -12 Volt Rail 
  • +5 Volt Rail is not connected
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