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WORNG Electronics Parallax

WORNG's Parallax is a stereo lowpass filter for modular synths, great for turning any Eurorack sound source into a swirling, warm source of binaural stereo movement. With a design based on the Sequential Circuits Pro One, the Parallax provides extra-smooth 12dB and 24dB/oct filter responses simultaneously, making it great for everything from rounded-off bass tones to gentler stereo animation.

Like many stereo filters, Parallax features a set of macro controls that affect both of its filters, as well as "skew" controls that introduce offset between the two filters. Both the cutoff and resonance parameters feature this combination of center value and skew controls, making it easy to simultaneously affect the tone color of each half of your stereo image. What's more, both cutoff and resonance skew feature CV inputs with dedicated attenuverters, making it simple to dial in precise, controlled manipulation of the binaural field. Additionally, Parallax features two global FM inputs—so you have easy access to everything from envelope animation and LFO filter sweeps to intense, growling FM (much like in the original Pro One, itself).

If you're looking for a warm, colorful way to add spatial interest to your patches, consider the Parallax—yet another way that WORNG has provided the opportunity for everything from subtle to dramatic spatial movement in Eurorack audio.

Parallax Features

  • Stereo lowpass filter for Eurorack synthesizers
  • Filter design based on the Sequential Circuits Pro-One
  • -24dB & -12dB/oct outputs
  • Macro controls for center frequency & resonance of each filter, as well as "skew" controls to offset each filter's frequency and resonance from one another
  • CV inputs for cutoff, cutoff skew, resonance, and resonance skew
  • Great for binaural panning/filtering effects
  • Eurorack module
  • Width: 16hp
  • Depth: 25mm
  • Current draw: 70mA @ +12V, 70mA @ -12V
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Product Demo Videos
WORNG Parallax & Vertex Stereo Filter and VCA Jam
In this patch the stereo bassline is created by patching the a Zlob Dual VCO into the Worng Vertex VCA and then into the Parallax filter. The Vertex and Parallax are both stereo so we were able to tune the two oscillators of the Dual VCO to different pitches and send one to the left and one to the right channel. Then the XAOC Batumi LFO is being synched to the Metron sequencer to modulate the Vertex and Parallax, this is adding gating and filtering to create a bass which has a wide stereo field and stereo modulation. The WMD Metron is used to sequence the Endorphines BLCK_NOIR drums.

The Worng Vertex and Parallax both take mono or stereo inputs and their controls have both an overall control and a skew control that adds a difference between the control for the left and right channels. This allows both regular control over a stereo signal or sounds that move around the stereo field. The Parallax is a lowpass filter with 12 and 24db/octave outputs with CV control of both cutoff and resonance.
WORNG Electronics Parallax Stereo Filter Reviews