WORNG ElectronicsSoundstage II Mixer / Spatializer


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WORNG Electronics Soundstage II

The WORNG Soundstage II is a mixing module that emphasizes spectral mixing and the soundstage opposed to a more traditional mixer. Each of the mixer's twenty one inputs have carefully chosen fixed input gain, pan position and high and low pass filtering literalizing the soundstaging concept present in professional audio engineering. The module creates depth in the mix by prioritizing extreme panning to higher frequencies and grounding lower frequencies closer to the center. The depth of the filter can also be altered, giving the artist options for an organic and breathing mix in any situation.

For the second version of this intriguing approach to stereo spatialization, Worng have refined the Depth circuit, improved the low-frequency response across the board, and tweaked the response of the output VCA for better usage in compression contexts. But perhaps best of all, a new store FX send and return allows you to incorporate your favorite effects chains into your fully-mixed patch.

Soundstage Features

  • 21 Spatialized Inputs
  • CV control over filter depth and output gain
  • High quality VCAs and opamps for studio quality sound
  • New stereo FX loop
  • Eurorack module
  • Width: 14hp
  • Depth: 40mm
  • Current draw: 130mA @ +12V,130mA @ -12V
Product Demo Videos
Worng Soundstage Sounds SuperBooth 2019
Worng showed us how their Soundstage module moves your sounds around in the mix and makes it easy to get a clear spatialized mix with your eurorack sounds.
Synthesis Technology E370 With WORNG Soundstage
All of the sounds in this video were generated with the Synthesis Technology E370 which is four VCOs in one. The E370 was processed with the WORNG Soundstage which places sounds within a virtual space by having different panning and filtering settings for each of its 21 inputs.

On the E370 each of the four oscillators has multiple mode options including wavetables, detuned cloud oscillators, and FM operators. The Soundstage can be used as a basic and fast mixer or with some creative feedback patching can be used as an interesting resonating effect.
WORNG Electronics Soundstage II Mixer / Spatializer Reviews