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WaldorfQuantum MK2 Polyphonic Hybrid Keyboard Synthesizer


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Waldorf Quantum MK2

With a polyphonic aftertouch keybed, expanded internal memory, and additional digital filters, Waldorf's Quantum MK2 is the enhanced, definitive version of their flagship analog/digital hybrid keyboard synthesizer. With their roots established in beloved legacy synths like the Microwave, Wave, and Q, Quantum incorporates the latest and greatest Waldrof wavetable technology along with other cutting-edge synthesis methods. And with abundant panel controls, a marvelous touch display, and the Fatar TP/8SK keybed with poly aftertouch, your sounds are always subject to your exacting needs.

Quantum MK2 offers up to eight voices when using its analog filters, but the addition of eight digital filters brings total voice count up to 16—plenty for elegant, layered pads or fun bi-timbral applications. But within each voice are three oscillators, which themselves may be independently assigned to one of five difference synthesis algorithms.

As mentioned before, Quantum employs the best Waldorf wavetable techniques to date, including speech synthesis and auto-generating wavetables from audio samples. Beyond wavetables, there are also traditional synth waveforms for classic and instantly gratifying sounds—but Quantum quickly ramps things up from here. The Particle Generator mode covers everything from traditional multi-sampler functionality to intensive granular synthesis techniques to stretch and mangle source material beyond recognition. Resonator mode ventures into physical modeling territories—a style of synthesis rarely explored on keyboard synthesizers. Finally, Kernel synthesis mode is a digital modular environment, not unlike patching a Eurorack system or using an environment like Max/MSP or Reactor, and allows for super niche applications that wouldn't be possible in the other modes. This includes FM synthesis—with support for DX7 patch imports—and other techniques like phase distortion synthesis, and whole lot more.

Following the oscillators are a number of filtering and shaping tools, which elevate the capabilities of Quantum even further. The Dual Analog Filter provides two resonant lowpass filters per voice, which may then be arranged into a number of joined or independent architectures. Next, the Digital Former section applies digital filtering methods, including models of classic analog filters to comb filtering, distortion, and bitcrushing.

Quantum also offers an abundance of ways to modulate your sounds, with six sophisticated envelope generators, six LFOs, and a Komplex Modulator, which is a super-charged LFO with blendable curves. There are also beautiful internal effects, including delays, reverbs, phasers, and more, which may be assigned to five FX slots and routed into each other in numerous different ways.

Quantum MK2 is more than just a sound designer's dream synthesizer—it's a powerful performance machine as well. Click into Perform mode to access Sets of 20 patches saved to Favorites, powerful arpeggiator and sequencer tools, as well as Pad Trigger and XY assignments for more ways to interact with your sounds. In short, Waldorf's Quantum MK2 just might be the last synthesizer you would ever need—it's a true jack of all trades and master of all.

Quantum MK2 Features

  • Hybrid analog-digital polyphonic synthesizer
  • 61-note Fatar TP/8SK poly-aftertouch keybed
  • Bitimbral functionality for keyboard splits and layering
  • 8-voices with analog filters, 16-voices with digital filters
  • 3 oscillators per-voice with five modes each
  • Wavetable: the tried-and-true Waldorf approach, incorporating the latest features like speech synthesis and wavetable generation from audio files
  • Waveform: classic subtractive synthesis wave shapes with detuning, warp, unison, hard sync, and more
  • Particle: multi-sampling combined with granular synthesis
  • Resonator: deep physical modeling capabilities
  • Kernel: digital modular environment for custom FM, AM, PM synthesis arrangements and more
  • Dual analog lowpass filters per voice, 12dB or 24dB slopes, and numerous link modes
  • Digital former: analog filter models, comb filters, distortion, bitcrushing, and more
  • Flexible touch-routing system for highly custom audio configurations
  • Six LFOs
  • Six envelope generators
  • Komplex Modulator with blendable, multisage LFOs
  • Deep modulation matrix
  • Five master FX slots for delays, reverbs, and more
  • Step sequencer and arpeggiator
  • Microtonality and alternate tuning ssupported through Scala files
  • USB MIDI Host and Device ports
    • Keys: 61—Fatar TP/8SK Keybed, polyphonic aftertouch
    • Alt Controllers: Pitchbend, Mod wheel (assignable to other parameters)
    • Polyphony: 8-voice analog, up to 16-voices hybrid
    • Presets: Pre-loaded (up to 10,000 capacity)
    • Oscillators: 3x digital oscillators consisting of wavetable, classical, granular sampler, and resonator
    • Master Effects: 5x (Phaser, Flanger, Chorus, Reverb, Drive, EQ)
    • Filter: 2x (Analog Lowpass)
    • LFO: 6x
    • Arpeggiator: 7 Algorithms
    • Live input and Multi-sample sampling functionality
    • Stereo sample recording
    • Step Sequencer: step recording, automation, pitch quantization
    • 4GB internal flash memory for presets and wavetables, 59GB for sample storage
    • SD card slot
    • Audio Inputs: 2x 1/4"
    • Audio Outputs: 2x 1/4" (main), 2 x 1/4" (aux)
    • USB: 1 x Type B, 1 x Type A
    • MIDI I/O/Thru/USB
    • Power Supply: Standard IEC AC cable
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Waldorf Quantum MK2 Polyphonic Hybrid Keyboard Synthesizer Reviews