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WaldorfIridium Keyboard Digital Synthesizer


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Waldorf Iridium Keyboard

Naturally progressing upon the performance capabilities of an already brilliant synthesizer, the Waldorf Iridium Keyboard is a 16-voice, bi-timbral digital synthesizer offering all of the character of their famed desktop version. Showcasing the same all-digital voice architecture found in the original, the Iridium Keyboard sports a three-oscillator and dual-filter routing setup, with five different oscillator modes to choose from and a variety of filter types, shapes, and slopes for sculpting the perfect pad, bass, lead, or any sound that you can imagine. The oscillator modes include not only the advanced wavetable and virtual analog capabilities that Waldorf is known and loved for, but also progresses into granular, sampling, resonators, and even a custom "kernel" mode for routing and arranging multiple oscillators into fantastic timbres of FM and feedback.

After passing through the dual filter architecture for synchronized or independent subtractive coloration, you dive into a stage of less traditional filtering and more effect-like modulation and sculpting. Known as the "digital former", this stage features ring modulation, comb filtering, bit-crushing, and other types of sonic contouring tools that bend your sound into new timbres. Shaping each step of the audio routing down to the final VCA, there are six LFOs, six envelopes, and an additional "komplex" modulator for time-based manipulation of the abundant onboard parameters. Five onboard effects provide loads of spatialization and time-elongation to your sounds for creating unique and fully-fledged out instruments or sound-effects.

Unique to the Iridium Keyboard is not only the addition of a 49-key Fatar keybed, but the inclusion of the first-ever poly-aftertouch Fatar keybed. Much like typical note and velocity messages, poly aftertouch can be assigned to a multitude of destinations via one of the 40 modulation matrix slots as a source or control. Not only does Iridium Keyboard come with a very flexible keybed, but it also incorporates traditional left-hand wheel controls and performance buttons such as monophony, chord shapes, key latch, and sequencer/arpeggiation engagement. This along with the six user-assignable macro buttons make for an incredibly breathing and morphable patch creation and performance experience.

Stereo audio connectivity in and out allows for easy performance and recording out as well as sampling in for the "particle" granular/sampling engine. Iridium Keyboard not only works as a MIDI device that sends and accepts MIDI and MPE control, but integration with a modular environment is easy-peasy with four assignable CV inputs, gate and trigger inputs, and clock I/O for synchronization. With knob per-function across the main sound design tools along with a brilliant and easy-to-use touchscreen tied to controls for navigating the gigantic libraries of patches and instrument settings, the Iridium Keyboard is a behemoth of a digital synthesizer perfect in the studio, on stage, or wherever you see fit.

Iridium Keyboard Features

  • 16-voice digital synthesizer
  • Fully digital version of Waldorf's Quantum synth engine
  • First-ever 49-key Fatar keybed supporting polyphonic aftertouch
  • Highly responsive touch screen for navigating system
  • Three oscillators sporting five different modes (wavetable, virtual analog, granular/sampling, resonator, and "kernels")
  • Dual digital filter path for true-stereo sculpting (12/24dB LP/HP/BP as well as Nave, Largo, PPG, Quantum, and SVF models)
  • "Digital Former" effects for further sculpting (comb filter, bitcrush, ringmod, multiple filters)
  • Modulation includes 6 envelopes, 6 LFOs, and their very own "Komplex" modulator (user-definable shape)
  • 40 modulation slots with control amounts per mod matrix slot
  • Left-hand control includes pitchbend and mod wheels along with octave switching, mono, chord, latch, and sequence/arpeggio engageable buttons
  • Six user-definable macro buttons for large-scale changes
  • 1000+ factory sounds and capacity of 7000 patch memory slots
  • Analog inputs: 2x TS 1/4", 7x TS 1/8" (CV, gate, trigger, and clock)
  • Analog outputs: 2x TS 1/4", 1x TS 1/8" (clock)
  • Headphone output: 1x TRS stereo 1/4"
  • MIDI I/O/Thru: 5-pin DIN, USB
  • USB connections: type-B (device), type-A (host)
  • Memory storage: microSD slot
  • Dimensions: 851mm (W) x 355 mm (D) x 110 mm (H)
  • Weight: 14 kg
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