VermonarandomRHYTHM Random-Based Trigger Sequencer


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Vermona randomRHYTHM

randomRHYTHM is an entirely new approach to trigger sequencing. Here, Vermona has taken probability into a decidedly musical direction, with the option to exercise some minescule amount of autonomy over the randomness without things becoming too predictable or rigid. With randomRHYTHM, intuition is a virtue.

At its core, the module is a dual trigger sequencer comprised of mirrored rhythm generators that can be configured for solo or parallel operation. The module lets users establish randomized "control" over sound modules, envelopes, utilities, and more using a unique interface to aid in the generation of slider-varied trigger-sequences.

The module is fundamentally oriented around the concept of chance, generating randomness in singular and surprising ways. Rather than manually-programmable steps, randomRHYTHM features sliders that influence and disperse the amount of randomness comprising each sequence. Rather than manually programming or tapping a rhythm, each of the module's sliders determines the probability of quarters, eighths, sixteeths, or triplets—all of which inform the configuration of the emitted sequence.

Each section can operate in one of two modes: Realtime or Dice. In Realtime mode, the module generates continuous random voltages per note value. Dice generates voltages that conform to a 3/4 or 4/4 bar, which can be influenced using the sliders. Either mode produces immediate rhythm changes that can be influenced on-the-fly with absolutely no menu diving! Making things even crazier is the addition of a Reset input, which mutes the outputs or restarts the dice bar. This can be configured individually for each rhythm section. Needless to say, randomRHYTHM makes beat creation snappy and fun, all from the convenience of an ergonomically aligned interface that wholeheartedly embraces experimentation.

randomRHYTHM Features

  • Dual trigger sequencer sections
  • Slider-controlled randomness
  • Realtime and Dice modes
  • Individual outputs for quarters, eighths, sixteenths, and triplets
  • Reset input mutes outputs or restarts diced bar; can be configured per-section
  • Width: 24HP
  • Current Draw: 110mA@+12v
Product Demo Videos
RandomRHYTHM And Patching Panda Jam
In this video we used the Vermona RandomRHYTHM to clock everything, the Plaits for a kick drum and Plonk as a snare. We used the Patching Panda N.V.H.S. for high hats. The vocally bass sound is made with the Patching Panda Vibrazum triple bandpass filter modulated by the Voltage Block, the Punch was used as the envelope and VCA for the bass.
Vermona randomRHYTHM Random-Based Trigger Sequencer Reviews