VermonaMelodicer Stochastic Sequencer


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Vermona Melodicer

The Vermona Melodicer is a stochastic pattern generator that uses probability to generate melodies and rhythms, so it's a great way to make generative music that is ever changing. The two primary modes are dice and real-time, where dice mode creates a melody and holds it until a new rhythm or melody is seeded into memory using the dice buttons, while real-time mode continuously generates random patterns based on the current settings. The 12 sliders each have an associated note, and turning up that slider will increase the probability that the corresponding note will be played. Note value sets the clock division from whole to 32nd notes. Melodicer has both an internal clock and the ability to be clocked from an external source.

Variation sets the length of the played notes while Rest sets the probability that a rest or pause is introduced into the sequence. Legato adds slew to the sequence, sliding between one note and the next. Sequences can be up to 16 steps long and feature user definable start and end points for the steps. Lock holds the current control settings until you turn it off, allowing you to cue up changes in your sequences. Save and recall up to 16 sequences which save the current settings and allow you to make iterations on a single idea by subtly changing the parameters. Melodicer includes two CV and two gate inputs to affect the settings depending on what mode is currently active. Melodicer is a unique and complex sequencer with an interface that rewards exploration and provides hours of fun and engaging results.

Melodicer Features

  • Stochastic sequencer
  • Real time continuously generates random patterns
  • Dice mode can be turned on and off to loop patterns
  • Dice buttons can be used to seed new rhythm and melodic patterns
  • Rest control for adding breaks in the melody
  • Legato adds sliding or slew between notes
  • Variation can be used to hold notes longer
  • Clock input or use the internal clock with tap tempo
  • Sequences can be up to 16 notes long with adjustable start and end point
  • Two CV and two gate inputs
  • Eurorack module
  • Width: 34hp
  • Depth: 25mm
  • Current draw: 150mA @ +12V, 50mA @ -12V
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