VermonaqMI Quad MIDI Interface V2


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Vermona qMI V2

Vermona’s qMI MIDI Interface V2 arguably represents the pinnacle of MIDI to CV modules. Inspired by the voice allocation unit from Vermona’s previous PERfourMER mkII, the module affords users a means of playing their synthesizer both monophonically and polyphonically. 

As its name suggests, the QMI V2 is comprised of four individual output channels, each with a single 1V/Oct output, a Gate output, and two additional CV outputs or MIDI controller signals like pitch bend or the modulation wheel. The output channels can be combined or used independently in accordance with whatever the user needs. When combined, each channel can be played in unison, monophonically (with rotating voice allocation), or polyphonically. One of the new features implemented in the V2’s design is the ability to rotate between each monophonic voice assignment by sending a Gate signal to the module’s “Gate In” jack. 

In addition to the four output channels, the module also gives users four individual clock dividers for converting incoming MIDI clock signals into Gate voltage. There’s also a Reset output for MIDI start/stop commands, which is especially handy for controlling and synchronizing sequencers. 

Despite all its seeming complexity, the module is actually spectacularly easy to use, with a front panel interface that offers immediate access to all of its features without any menu diving.

qMI V2 Features

  • Four individual output channls
  • Output channels can be combined or used independently
  • Four individual clock dividers
  • Reset output for MIDI start/stop commands 


  • Width:  24HP
  • Depth:  30mm deep
  • Current Draw:  60mA
Vermona qMI Quad MIDI Interface V2 Reviews