TubbutecWired Heart Touch Synthesizer


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Tubbutec Wired Heart

The Tubbutec Wired Heart is a touch-plate controlled noise synth that is perfect for sonic exploration. It features six oscillators that are controlled with sensors that detect conductivity. Touching them with your fingers or anything else conductive will change the frequency of the oscillators. Pressing harder or applying more conductive material will cause the pitch to increase. The oscillators include two master oscillators that affect two slave oscillators. The left master oscillator modulates the amplitude of the two slave oscillators. With low enough frequencies, you can hear the two slave oscillators turn on and off at the speed of the master oscillator. One of the other slave oscillators is hard synced to the master oscillator, creating harmonically rich oscillations that change based on the master oscillator. The last oscillator is frequency modulated, which can range from trill effects to complex frequency modulation sidebands at high frequencies.

Each oscillator also features an expansion port which can be used to connect the included LEDs, photoresistors, and potentiometer—or you can get creative and plug something entirely different into the expansion ports. The stereo output jack functions as a on/off switch, so with nothing plugged in, the Wired Heart will switch itself off. Control by a variety of means such as electronic components, fruit, conductive liquids on a cloth such as water or alcohol, or just breathe on it. The Wired Heart rewards experimentation and can result in hours of exploration using whatever you have at hand.

Wired Heart Features

  • Touch synthesizer
  • Two master oscillators with two slave oscillators
  • Control the amplitude of two oscillators using master oscillator
  • Hard sync and frequency modulate two other oscillators
  • Stereo output that support headphones
  • Connect external sources using the expansion ports
  • Includes three LEDs, three photoresistors, and potentiometer
  • Dimensions: 15.5 x 15.5 x 3.4cm
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