LandscapeStereo Field Touch Plate Synthesizer


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Landscape Stereo Field

Unmatched in aesthetics and experimental utility, Landscape's Stereo Field is a clever instrument, sound processor, and control voltage source with touch control over two interacting analog circuits. Inspired by the touch instruments of Buchla and the like, Stereo Field uses touch-sensitive plates to manage and generate tones. It is a soundbox with overlapping circles signifying the interconnection of two analog stereo circuits. Stereo Field functions as a stereo/quad modular touch plate synthesizer, a stereo processor, and a touch and pressure-sensitive control voltage controller. Users can create sound, change incoming signals, or control an external synth with chaotic CV, making it ideal for modular enthusiasts. 

Stereo Field Features

  • Stereo/quad modular touch plate synthesizer
  • A stereo/quad audio processor
  • Pressure-sensitive chaotic CV controller
  • 8 x touch plates
  • 2 x stereo input volume knobs
  • 2 x stereo output volume knobs
  • Stereo 1/4" L/R inputs, 1/4" L/R outputs on rear of unit (outputs/inputs audio through both circuits)
  • Quad 3.5mm inputs (2x L/R mirrored pairs corresponding to each of the two circuits, can be used for CV, audio or both)
  • Quad 3.5mm outputs (2x L/R mirrored pairs corresponding to each of the two circuits, can be used for CV, audio or both)
  • As a CV "Controller" it will output approximately 3.8v to -3.8v depending on hand placement and input/output volume settings.
  • 10" x 5.75" x 1.5" Aluminum and Maple enclosure
  • 9v Regulated (tip +) US power supply (100-240V AC)
Product Demo Videos
Landscape Stereo Field Touch Plate Synthesizer & Effect
This video shows the Landscape Stereo Field being used as both a touch plate synthesizer and as a distortion effect for other instruments as well as a touch based CV generator. The Stereo Field is inspired by Buchla touch controllers.
Landscape Stereo Field Touch Plate Synthesizer Reviews