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Tiptop AudioThe Analog Bundle S1 ART Polyphonic Eurorack Module Set


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Tiptop Audio The Analog Bundle S1

With the ART Analog Bundle S1, you can dive headfirst into the polyphonic patching power of Tiptop Audio's groundbreaking ART protocol, offering new ways to coordinate pitch control in your Eurorack system. This bundle is designed to add an assortment of ART-compatible modules to your existing modular setup and allows you to translate your favorite sequencers and other control voltage sources into ART signals for precision pitch control. Within this protocol, manual tuning and undesirable analog drift are a thing of the past—and ART signals are patchable like any other signal in a Eurorack system.

With the ART Quad Quantizer you can handily convert up to four different signals into musically-quantized ART data streams. In that vein, three ATX1 VCOs give you true analog character without the headache of tuning and drift. Sum these together with the MIX 7, manage dynamics with the CONTROL PATH VCA and dual ADSR envelope generator, and apply some classic polysynth-style lowpass filtering with the Z2040.

ART aims to alleviate the hardships that come along with developing true polyphonic systems in a modular synthesis format. The Analog Bundle S1 is possibly one of the best ways to get started with this exciting new development from Tiptop Audio.

The Analog Bundle S1 Features

  • Special set of ART Eurorack modules at discount bundle pricing
  • ART offers precision auto-tuning and hassle-free management of multiple pitch controllers
  • ART Quad Quantizer translates 1V/Oct signals to ART, with musical scale quantization
  • 3x analog ATX1 VCOs with ART compatibility and tuning
  • MIX 7 to sum oscillators
  • CONTROL PATH offers a VCA and dual ADSR envelopes
  • Z2040 lowpass filter
  • Note: any warranty for this bundle applies to the full set—separating the modules will void your warranty
  • Eurorack module
  • Width: 51hp
  • Depth: 40mm for all
  • Current draw: 605mA @ +12V, 186mA @ -12V (total)
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