Tesseract ModularTex Mix - 4 Mono Channels


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Tesseract Modular Tex Mix - 4 Mono Channels

4 Mono Channels adds four single-input channels to your expandable Tesseract Modular Tex Mix system. As Tex Mix is a fully customizable mixing solution, you can add as many channel modules as you want, as long as you have the Master Section module to chain them all together.

After the signal inputs, each channel strip features a gate input with a smooth, vactrol-like response, such as those found on the classic Buchla 100-series Quad Voltage-Controlled Gate. Sending a gate, trigger, or pulse signal of at least 1.5V into the Gate In jacks produces a smoothly decaying effect, and there is some built-in dynamic response depending on the voltage level of the gating signal. Send, Pan and Volume knobs allow you to dial in the level and spatial orientation of each channel, while a three-position switch allows you to route the channel to either the main bus or cue bus, or simply mute the channel.

4 Mono Channels is certainly true to its name, while also adding some well-considered features that maximize its utility in the Tex Mix system.

Tex Mix - 4 Mono Channels Features

  • Four mono channel strips for the Tex Mix system
  • Requires the Tex Mix - Master Section
  • Vactrol-response gate inputs
  • Two aux sends: A & B
  • Aux send A can be pre- or post-fader, B is always post-fader
  • Volume and Pan knobs
  • Three position switch configures each channel for Mute, Cue bus, or Main bus
  • Eurorack module
  • Width: 12hp
  • Depth: 21mm
  • Current draw: Must be connected to Tex Mix Master Section
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