Tesseract ModularTex Mix Expansion Cable


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Tesseract Modular Tex Mix Expansion Cable

Meant for those with expansive Eurorack setups and needing a thorough system of multi-channel mixers, the Tex Mix Expansion cable from Tesseract Modular allows one to chain three Channels modules to a single Master Section. Supporting up to 12 channels of mono or stereo channels, this cable is the backbone to the extensive capbilities of the Tex Mix system.

Tex Mix Expansion Cable Features

  • Four header ribbon cable
  • 10-pin headers
  • Connects one Master Section to three total of 4 Mono Channels or 4 Stereo Channels
  • Intended for use with Tesseract Modular Tex Mix series of modules
Tesseract Modular Tex Mix Expansion Cable Reviews