SupercriticalRedShift 6 Variable Character Desktop Synthesizer


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Supercritical RedShift 6

Redshift 6 from Supercritical Synthesizers is beastly six-voice analog polysynth powerhouse of nuclear proportion. Fusing the harmonically explosive character of their Demon Core Oscillator with their 8-pole shapeshifting Neutron Flux Filter, Supercritical has designed a compact and modern synthesizer capable of morphing between classic vintage timbres and contemporary cacophony with ease.

This flexibility of timbre and tone is indebted to Supercritical's innovative digital control over the analog oscillator and filter circuits, which they have dubbed "Variable Character Synthesis". Giving you extensive control over tuning, gain staging, filter design, and more, the Redshift 6 provides a potent platform for modeling sounds of the past and designing sounds for the future.

Included alongside this smart and snazzy oscillator and filter design are all the features you'd expect of a modern and capable desktop synthesizer. There are plenty of multitimbral options, allowing you to organize each of Redshift 6's voices as an independent engine, as a classic vintage 3+3 dual-layer synth, or a combination of the these. Flexible I/O with two main outputs and four auxiliary outputs let you make the most of this multitimbrality when multitrack recording. A bypassable DSP effects engine lets you further shape the texture and color of your sound. Six user-assignable macro controls give you extremely dynamic modulation capability for controlling your synth patch via MIDI, MPE, or via the many modulators available in the synth itself.

With this six-headed monster, Supercritical delivers the raw and rich sound of analog synthesis via a smart and sleek interface capable of wrangling the beast beneath. Unlock this otherworldly power for yourself and get raucous with Redshift 6.

RedShift 6 Features

  • Six-voice analog polyphonic synthesizer
  • Digitally-controlled Demon Core Oscillator per-voice
  • 8-pole Neutron Flux Filter per-voice
  • Up to six-part multitimbrality
  • Bypassable DSP effects engine
  • MIDI via USB and DIN I/O
  • MPE enabled
  • Six user-assignable macro controls
  • 2 main outputs and 4 auxiliary voice outputs
  • Headphone output
  • MIDI via USB or 5-pin DIN in/out
  • Center-positive 12V 3A power supply
  • Dimensions: 378 mm x 254 mm x 63 mm
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