Steady State Fate Quantum Rainbow Noise Source V2

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Steady State Fate Quantum Rainbow V2

The Steady State Fate Quantum Rainbow v2 is one of the most useful and powerful analog noise generators in Eurorack. In addition to boasting all of the same features that made the original so renowned, the Quantum Rainbow v2 enjoys a smaller HP size and adds two additional outputs: Grey noise and Quanta. 

The Grey noise output is ideal for elevating the amplitude of both bass and hi-end frequencies, while the Quanta uses granular noise to generate random triggers that are useful for creating granular style noise. 

Quantum Rainbow V2 Features

    • [Flat, -3dB, -6dB, +3dB, +6dB]/octave spectral noise densities plus the new A-weighted Grey Noise and Adjustable Quanta outputs
    • True Randomness
    • Lush and Pleasing Sound
    • Now only 4hp
    • Excellent companion to the Ultra-Random Analog


    • Eurorack Format
    • 4HP
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