Steady State FateZPO Zero Point Oscillator


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Steady State Fate ZPO

The Zero Point Oscillator from Steady State Fate is a through-zero style FM oscillator that brings a new flavor of FM possibilities to Eurorack. Typical through-zero FM is frequency modulation that not only positively increases the frequency of an oscillator but also negatively increases (decreases) the oscillator’s frequency. The ZPO uses a full wave rectifier to flip the negative-going portions of the FM oscillator and effectively doubles the rate of frequency modulation. The ZPO features a new methodology using a tuned through-zero amplifier to achieve through-zero type FM with the added benefit of increased modulation stability, wider range of usable modulation frequencies, and a broader palette of tonal possibilities.

The zero point control offsets the center of the oscillator’s amplitude. In the middle it will be zero volts; but increasing the control clockwise shifts the center positively, and counterclockwise shifts it negatively. The zero point control can be voltage controlled and produces an effect similar to modulating the FM depth on a typical through-zero oscillator.

The ZPO features eight individual waveform outputs, including sine, triangle, pulse, saw, octave up saw, ripsaw, even harmonic, and sub harmonic with two octave divisions. It features three types of pulse width modulation including center, edge, and hybrid. Additionally, the ZPO offers three outputs that feature smoothly morphing waveforms. The wave A and B waveforms go from pulse, saw, triangle, to inverted sine. Hybrid waveforms can be achieved by setting the wave knob in between the different wave types. The morph control adds additional wave-shaping possibilities on the ZPO and works with the wave A and B controls. The A and B waveforms are mixed by an amount set by the morph control, resulting in new waveform possibilities. The inverted sine wave shape can be used for complex subtractive waveshapes using the morph control.

There are attenuators for both linear and exponential frequency modulation as well as the pulse width modulation. A through-zero mod switch selects if the FM is exponential, linear, all (both linear and exponential), or can be switched off altogether. The ZPO can operate in the audio range or at low frequencies, set by a switch. It uses a triangle core oscillator and is all analog. This powerful oscillator offers a wide range of tonal possibilities, a new approach to frequency modulation, and complex waveshaping possibilities.

ZPO Features

  • Through-zero style analog oscillator
  • All-analog triangle-core oscillator
  • New approach to through-zero frequency modulation
  • 11 outputs including three wave-shaped outputs
  • Wave shaped outputs smoothly morph for hybrid waveforms
  • Three types of PWM
  • FM can be linear, exponential, or a mix of both
  • Sync input works with any waveform
  • Sub octave generator that can be one or two octaves down
  • Eurorack module
  • Width: 16hp
  • Depth: 24mm
  • Current draw: 147mA @ +12V, 141mA @ -12V
Steady State Fate ZPO Zero Point Oscillator Reviews