Steady State FateStereo Dipole Quad Filter (Black)


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Steady State Fate Stereo Dipole

Steady State Fate's Stereo Dipole is a multipeak VCF with an enormous sonic range: capable of everything from smooth, thumping lowpasses to outrageous FM and self-oscillation, this is no doubt one of the most powerful filters available. Use it for stereo processing, binaural panning, or as a synth voice all its own...the possibilities are nearly endless.

Stereo Dipole features two identical multimode filter sections. Each side can be used independently of the other, but "stereo" controls for frequency and resonance make it simple to control them both simultaneously. Each side additionally provides frequency, resonance, drive, and "spread" controls.

Each side of the Stereo Dipole is actually two filters with a grouped set of controls. Each of these filters offers independently selectable mode, and may be configured in series or in parallel, allowing everything from multipeak filtering to variable-width bandpass response, notch, and more. Moreover, the Dipole AB output provides a mix of all four of the module's filters...making for an incredibly huge-sounding quad peak filter with loads of sonic character.

The drive on each input is sufficient to even use sine waves as an input source—adding pleasant saturation pre-filter. Additionally, all four peaks track at 1V/oct and can self-oscillate, making Stereo Dipole useful not only as a filter, but as a swarm oscillator, an intense modulation source, a chaotic synth voice, and more. Set resonance to moderate levels and send triggers in to "strike" the filters, create formant-like resonances, manipulate peculiar spectral panning effects—Stereo Dipole can do it all.

Stereo Dipole Features

  • Quad-peak VCF capable of all the neat multipeak tricks...AND of sounding like a rad-sounding classic VCF
  • Organized into two sides with two filter cores each—with independent inputs for each side
  • Use it for standard filtering, formant effects, peculiar panning, and more
  • Indpendent drive, frequency, resonance, and spread controls per side
  • Resonance, FM, and 1V/Oct CV inputs for each side
  • Master stereo frequency, resonance, FM, and resonance CV controls
  • Selectable response per filter core: Highpass, Bandpass, or Lowpass
  • Individual outputs per core and grouped outputs
  • Serial or parallel configuration per side
  • Self-oscillates at high resonance
  • A input normalized to B input for easy mono-to-stereo upmixing
  • Eurorack module
  • Width: 20hp
  • Depth: 23mm
  • Current draw: 150mA @ +12V, 150mA @ -12V
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Steady State Fate Stereo Dipole Quad Filter (Black) Reviews