Steady State FateV-Mutes Vortices Expander


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Steady State Fate V-Mutes

Adding even more functionality to the brilliant mixer module that is Vortices, V-Mutes is SSF's next expander module which adds individual and master channel muting. Each of the numbered mono and stereo channels from Vortices may be muted via the push of a button or modulated over CV. Pushing the mute buttons will not actually affect the track until you release the physical button, in which you either mute or unmute the channel. Muted channels are indicated by the button changing to a red hue, and if you'd like to make mass changes without being heard, you can engage the master mute to mute all channels of Vortices. V-Mutes engages with clickless muting, so you won't have any of those unwanted pops or clicks found in traditional mutes, and best of all, you can still use the V-CV expander module in conjunction with V-Mutes. Get the most out of mixing with your SSF Vortices by adding V-Mutes to your modular system.

V-Mutes Features

  • Vortices expander module
  • Applies clickless muting to each channel
  • Seven mute LED buttons corresponding to the mono and stereo channels
  • Each channel has CV input for triggering on/off state of mute
  • Additional MASTER mute button
  • Mutes channel upon release of button/gate
  • Red LED indicates mute
  • Retains full functionality of V-CV expander
  • Eurorack module
  • Width: 6hp
  • Depth: 24mm
  • Current draw: Passive
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