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Steady State Fate Vortices HiFi

For anyone who loves complex routing with a need to preserve sound and shape, Steady State Fate presents the Vortices HiFi, a cleaner version of their renowned patch-prommable mixer. Offering seven channels of mixable inputs with a multitude of output routings, the Vortices HiFi keeps the fantastic sectionalized mono and stereo mixers, respectively consisting of four mono inputs and three stereo inputs. The mono section offers a unique selection of two pannable inputs as well as two inputs shared via a crossfader, all of which sum down to a final stereo pair. The stereo section consists of a more simple setup, including three level controls over individual stereo inputs routing to an individual stereo output. Both sections not only route to a master mix output, but there are additional auxiliary outputs to mix in per section with less flexibility but more mixdown opportunities.

What separates Vortices HiFi from its predecessor is the subtraction of analog distortion and compression, preserving the original signal with a consistent high end and pristine quality. This is not only great for those looking to pass signals across their rack without extra coloration, but it also tends to those who do external processing that don't want feedback to heavily affect the incoming signal. Another huge difference in the HiFi version is its DC-coupled inputs, meaning Vortices HiFi can also act as a CV mixer for creating complex and evolving modulation sources without any loss in quality or change in shape thanks to the high fidelity. Vortices HiFi includes several CV inputs to control such parameters like panning and crossfade while the included expander module, V-CV, can modulate the input levels of all inputs via CV.

With a great multitude of ways to patch around an entire system or even self-patch, the Vortices HiFi is sure to add depth to mixing and modulating all around your rack.

Vortices HiFi Features

  • DC-coupled seven-channel mixer
  • High fidelity preserves original timbre and high-end
  • Four mono inputs, three stereo inputs
  • VC panning on mono inputs one and four
  • VC crossfade between mono inputs two and three
  • One stereo and two mono auxiliary inputs
  • Outputs for stereo mix, mono mix, crossfade mix, and master mix
  • Includes 2hp expander for voltage control input level of both the mono and stereo channels
  • Eurorack module
  • Width: 16hp
  • Depth: 26mm
  • Current draw: 110mA @ +12V, 105mA @ -12V
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