RolandSP-404 MkII Creative Sampler and Effector


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Roland SP-404 MkII

Roland's SP-404 MKII is an updated version of the beloved beat-making, lofi-vibing, sample-slicing instrument now with 17 velocity sensitive pads, 16GB of internal memory, and many other additions, while staying true to the first generation's flow. Some tweaks to the sampling and sequencing have made it easier to use, but the core intuitive layout remains faithful to the original. A crisp, OLED display now sits front-and-center, acting as the window into the mind of the device—sample editing is a breeze with a zoomable waveform viewer allowing you to auto-splice or manually insert your markers. Massage your samples to your liking with envelope and pitch-shifting parameters, as well as a redesigned resampling workflow to re-record patterns and effects. New Skip Back Sampling allows you to grab choice moments from the previous 25 seconds of time, so you don't miss the perfect section. You can also stream from your phone directly into the 404MKII using a USB-C cable.

Effects, such as the Vinyl Sim and DJFX Looper, have always been an integral part of the 404's legacy and the MKII expands on that heritage with a Cassette Simulator, Resonator, and Lo-fi effect with new routing so you can layer multiple effects. There's still a Mic/Line Input so you can take advantage of real time effects like the Vocoder, Auto-pitch, and Guitar Amp Simulator.

Functional upgrades like expanded 16GB internal memory means you don't have to carry around extra cards and 16 pads—well 17 including the SUB Pad—gives you more compositional options, plus you have a total of 160 samples loaded across each project. Additionally, 32-voice polyphony is available and upgraded I/O gives you 1/4" Line In/Out, 1/4" Mic/Guitar In, and 1/8 and 1/4" Headphone Outs. MIDI in and out is also available over 1/8" TRS. Power options have also been expanded with the ability to be powered via USB-C and AA batteries in addition to the standard AC adapter.

Sequencing options include an adjustable input quantize and shuffle for custom swing, Pad Link for triggering multiple samples at once. A Roll button for adjustable note repeat, and BPM-per-bank for instant tempo change. Pattern changing is a new option allowing you to focus on manipulating effects, or playing another instrument.

Whether you've been using the 404 for years or are just trying to get into hardware music production, the SP-404MKII will give you the flexibility to create on the go and in one unit, if you choose to. You've heard the original everywhere, and the MKII is sure to continue to make itself known, from beatmakers to experimentalists.

SP-404 MkII Features

  • 17 velocity sensitive pads
  • 16GB of internal memory
  • 160 samples per project
  • BPM-per-bank
  • Upgraded inputs and outputs
  • Vivid OLED screen
  • Zoomable waveform view for precise chopping
  • Expanded effects with Lo-fi, Cassette Sim, and Resonator in addition to all the classics
  • Effects bus for advanced routing options
  • Skip Back Sampling automatically records 25 seconds of your past performance
  • 32 voice polyphony
  • Pattern chaining
  • DJ Mode lets you manipulate and mix two separate audio files
  • Connect your phone via USB-C and stream directly to the 404
  • Sampling Rate: 48k, 16-bit
  • Format Support: 16-bit linear WAV, AIFF, MP3 FLAC, M4A
  • Maximum Sampling Time: ~16m, 176MB
  • Inputs: 1x 1/4" Guitar input, 1x 1/4" TRS Mic input, 2x 1/4" stereo line in 1/4" jacks
  • Outputs: 2x 1/4" TRS
  • Headphone: 1x 1/4" jack, 1x 1/8" jack
  • Internal storage: 16GB
  • Dimensions: 2.8" x 10.9" x 7.0"
  • Weight: 2.4lbs.
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Roland SP-404 MkII Creative Sampler and Effector Reviews