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Roger Linn DesignLinnStrument MIDI Controller


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Roger Linn Design Linnstrument

The Linnstrument is a powerfully-expressive MIDI controller whose pads are arranged in a manner more akin to that of a stringed instrument than that of a piano. The goal was to create a uniquely-playable controller specifically oriented towards performance. The Linnstrument senses pressure and velocity, left/right, and forward/backwards movements across three axes (X, Y, and Z). More specifically, the Z Axis affords control over each note’s amplitude, the X Axis controls the pitch, and the Y Axis initiates various changes in timbre that are configurable based on the user’s personal taste.

Linnstrument Features

  • MIDI messages sent: Note On/Off with velocity; Pressure sent as either Channel Pressure, Poly Pressure or CC of your choosing; X-axis (left-right) movements sent as Pitch Bend, including pitch slides across multiple note pads; Y-axis (forward-backward) movements sent as CC of your choosing. Limited to the 17 mm vertical dimension of each note pad
  • MIDI Modes: One Channel: All notes sent over a single MIDI channel; Channel Per Note: Each touch is sent over its own MIDI channel; Channel Per Row: Each row's touches are sent over a separate MIDI channel
  • MIDI Input accepts MIDI Clock (for arpeggiator sync), full NRPN control of all internal parameters, CC full control of all lights
  • LEDS: Each of the 200 note pads and 8 control buttons has an independently-controlled RGB (red/green/blue) LED
  • Permitted colors: red, green, blue, cyan, magenta and yellow
  • Dimensions: 22.4" (570 mm) x 8.22" (209 mm) x 1" (25.4 mm)
  • Steel and Aluminum chassis, with cherry wood side pieces
  • Weight: 5 pounds
  • Inputs/Outputs: USB Type B jack; MIDI Input and MIDI Output jack; Foot Switch jack: 1/4" TRS, dual or single foot switch, normally-closed or normally-open; Power Input jack: 7.5 to 12 volts, AC, DC center-positive or center-negative, at least 500 mA
  • 4 guitar strap buttons for use with a standard guitar strap
  • Includes soft padded and zippered travel case with accessory pouch, USB cable. Power supply is not included unless requested. Power supply is rarely needed because LinnStrument is USB bus powered--even by lightning-equipped iPad/iPhone--or from any USB power adapter when using MIDI jacks
  • No computer software or drivers necessary except for external sound generation. (All settings adjustable on panel.)
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Product Demo Videos
The LinnStrumentalists 2
The second compilation of videos submitted by LinnStrument players around the world.
Roger Linn Design LinnStrument MIDI Controller Reviews