Qu-Bit ElectronixNano Rand V2 Random Source


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Qu-Bit Electronix Nano Rand V2

Powerful random in a small package returns with the Qu-Bit Nano Rand v2, perfect for random generation without taking up a lot of real estate. It features sample and hold, noise, random gates, and random voltage generation.

Four selectable random voltage algorithms include stepped random, random LFO frequencies and waveforms, random frequency audio square waves, and a combination of all three algorithms. The random voltage output can be either unipolar or bipolar. The algorithm can be changed using the button or with the gate input. The Nano Rand v2 can be clocked internally or externally, set by a switch. When clocked externally, the gate output randomly outputs rhythmic divisions of the master clock.

Updates in version two include a smaller algorithm button and the noise output has been converted to analog white noise with extremely flat frequency response. This killer random will soon become a pivotal part of your setup.

Nano Rand V2 Features

  • Random voltage generator
  • Sample and hold
  • Four random algorithms selectable by button or gate input
  • Unipolar or bipolar random voltages
  • Can be clocked internally or externally
  • Random gates when synced externally
  • Analog white noise
  • Eurorack module
  • Width: 4hp
  • Depth: 38.1mm
  • Current draw: 62mA @ +12v, 37mA @ -12v, 2mA @ +5v
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