Qu-Bit ElectronixCascade Ratcheting Envelope Generator / VCA


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Qu-Bit Electronix Cascade

Qu-Bit's Cascade is a ratcheting envelope generator inspired by burst generators, providing a burst of envelopes with a single trigger. You can set the number of ratcheting repeats and CV control them, allowing for complex ratcheting behavior.

Cascade has two envelope outputs with level attenuators that range from 0–10V. It can act as an AD, ADSR, ASR, and a special bouncing ball mode. The bouncing ball mode models a ball bouncing off a surface with gravitational pull, speeding up and slowing down accordingly. Cascade can self-cycle, and has both end of rise and end of cycle trigger outputs. The freeze input allows you to track and hold the envelope and freeze it in time at its current voltage level. The curve of the envelope goes from exponential to logarithmic and is also CV controllable.

Cascade also includes an analog VCA, making it excellent for use as an end-of-voice VCA/envelope pair. Cascade provides the functionality of both an envelope and burst generator and excels at both, providing several envelope modes, track and hold, and CV over ratcheting.

Cascade Features

  • Ratcheting envelope generator
  • Feed single trigger in and repeat the envelope a certain amount of times
  • AR, ADSR, ASR, and bouncing ball modes
  • Curve shapes range from exponential to logarithmic
  • Two envelope outputs with independent level knobs
  • Can self cycle with a button or gate input
  • Track and hold freeze input
  • End of rise and end of cycle trigger outputs
  • Eurorack module
  • Width: 10hp
  • Depth: 28mm
  • Current draw: 131mA @ +12V, 40mA @ -12V
Qu-Bit Electronix Cascade Ratcheting Envelope Generator / VCA Reviews