Qu-Bit ElectronixNebulae V2 Granular Sampler


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Qu-Bit Electronix Nebulae v2

Nebulae v2 builds on the functionality present in the previous incarnation while bringing some new tricks to the table. The module features stereo ins/outs and a live audio input with a massive 5 minute recording buffer. Files can be played via USB flashdrive; compatible file types are .wav, .aif, .ogg, and flac. Supported firmware includes Pure Data, Csound, and SuperCollider alternate firmware files.

Nebulae v2 Features

  • Granular sampler for eurorack synthesizers
  • File playback from USB flash drive of wav, aif, ogg, and flac files
  • Stereo ins/outs
  • Live audio input with 5 minute recording buffer
  • Supports Pure Data, Csound, and SuperCollider alternate firmware files
  • Eurorack Module
  • Width: 20HP
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Product Demo Videos
Qu-Bit Nebulae V2 Granular Sampler Sounds
The Qu-Bit Nebulae V2 is a granular sampler eurorack synthesizer module that can have samples loaded by a USB stick or recorded directly into the module. In this video we used a few built in sounds and a few of our own samples. The Nebulae can also load other programs and is open source so you can develop your own synths and effects to run on it.
Patching: A universe in a grain of sound
With modular synthesis, and the joy of patching...sending CV around a system, sometimes the art of playing it as an instrument becomes blurred in the dance of patching modulation everywhere, and relying heavily on generative and random or chaotic gestures.

Performing manually on a module like Nebulae can be a return to a discovery and performative mindset by finding tiny universes in a grain of sound.
Qu-Bit Electronix Nebulae V2 Granular Sampler Reviews