Plum AudioOCP X 3U Ornament & Crime

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Plum Audio OCP X 3U

Ornament and Crime is an open source module that has been designed in many different forms—however, Plum Audio's OCP X might just be the best iteration of this modern classic. With a design that places all patch points on the top section of the module, OCP X is best used on the bottom row of your rack for easy access to the encoders and unique buttons. Speaking of buttons, Plum Audio has added colorful manual trigger buttons for algorithms that support manual triggers or to manually sync, they will also light up to indicate voltage at the outputs. Illuminated attenuverters can scale incoming CV and give yu visual feedback based on the signal. Designed with high quality, versatile components, the OCP X can run any type of firmware with VOR or non-VOR calibration. Plum Audio's OCP X is a great upgrade to this beloved open source hardware/firmware and with this version, you are ready for future alternate firmware upgrades.

OCP X 3U Features

  • Compact Ornament and Crime module
  • Jacks-on-top design for easy access to knobs and buttons
  • Manual trigger and sync buttons with colorful indication
  • Light up attenuverters for signal monitoring
  • Run any firmware
  • VOR or non-VOR calibration
  • Front panel USB port for MIDI-to-CV or CV-to-MIDI (firmware dependant)
  • VOR output range extended to 10vpp and is switchable between Unipolar 0v-10v, Bipolar +/-5v, or Asymmetrical -3v to 7v
  • Rear mounted tigger interface for connecting expanders
  • 25mm
  • 150mA @ +12V, 40mA @ -12V
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Plum Audio OCP X 3U Ornament & Crime Reviews