NovationLaunchpad Pro MIDI Controller Mk3


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Novation Launchpad Pro

The Launchpad Pro Mk3 is a powerful MIDI controller, perfect for integrating with Ableton Live or hardware MIDI instruments. The deep Ableton integration allows you to control all the most important functions of your session without having to use a mouse.

The 64 velocity and pressure sensitive RGB pads allow for dynamic and expressive playing, plus comprehensive control. Chord mode lets you build and play chords from the pads and is a great tool for explorations of new harmonies. Scale mode quantizes all the pads to a set scale so you never have to worry about playing the wrong note.

The powerful sequencer is a four-track 32-step sequencer with eight-note polyphony. The probability, sync rate, play order and mutation settings allow you to transform your sequences into new, evolving iterations. Eight custom modes allow you to assign the functionality of the pads to anything MIDI-compatible, whether hardware or software. The mixer section has controls for volume, pan, FX sends, stop clip, mute, solo, record arm, and device.

The Launchpad Pro Mk3 has MIDI in, out, and a second out/thru output all on 3.5mm jacks. It can be used with or without a computer and is lightweight and portable enough to be thrown in a bag and taken to gigs. A collection of software is included with the Launchpad Pro Mk3 including Ableton Live Lite, AAS SEssion Bundle, XLN Addictive Keys, Klevgrand R0Verb and DAW Cassette, Softube Time and Tone bundle. Whether you want hands on control of your Ableton sessions in the studio or control over hardware MIDI instruments in a live setting, the Launchpad Pro Mk3 is a perfect fit.

Launchpad Pro Features

  • MIDI controller
  • 64 RGB pads
  • Four-track 32-step sequencer with eight note polyphony
  • Designed specifically with Ableton Live in mind
  • Chord mode
  • Includes software bundle
  • Eight custom modes
  • TRS Type A MIDI in, out, out 2/thru
  • Capture MIDI function
  • Dynamic note and scale modes
  • USB bus powered
  • Includes USB-A to USB-C cable
  • USB-C cable
  • USB-A to power
  • 3x TRS 3.5mm DIN MIDI adapters
  • Dimensions: .71 x 10.55 x 10.55"/18 x 268 x 268mm
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Product Demo Videos
Launchpad Pro // Novation
Launchpad Pro [MK3] is our most powerful 64-pad MIDI grid controller for producing: both in Ableton Live and with your hardware. It gives you everything you need to create and perform your tracks.

Featuring deeper Live integration and dedicated buttons that get you closer to the Ableton workflow, Launchpad Pro [MK3] is our most advanced grid controller for producing with Ableton Live. Plus, keep your tracks evolving with the four-track, eight-note polyphonic, 32-step standalone sequencer, get inspired to build harmonies with chord mode and never hit a wrong note with scale mode.

Make Launchpad Pro [MK3] your own. Custom Modes lets you design the perfect controller for your live setup and perform with all your gear, however you want. You can also tailor Launchpad Pro [MK3] to take control of MIDI-compatible hardware and software – with or without a computer.

That’s not all, Launchpad Pro comes with a constant source of inspiration featuring plug-ins, sounds, instruments and effects from AAS, Softube, XLN Addictive Keys, and Klevgrand R0Verb and DAW Cassette.
Novation Launchpad Pro MIDI Controller Mk3 Reviews