NANO ModulesMAR Dual Mixer


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NANO Modules MAR

The Nano Modules MAR is a dual mixer for Eurorack modular systems, complete with some weird handy features that take it well beyond the realm of basic sigal mixing. Each mixer offers four inputs and is DC-coupled, making it perfect for combining audio, CV, gates, and whatever else you throw at it.

The first mixer (X) offers four inputs with dedicated level controls; these level controls have audio taper, making it perfect for scaling audio signals (though of course, it still works great for CV). The Y mixer has four inputs each at unity gain, with a master level control for the Y output. X's output is normalized into Y's first input, making for easy access to up to seven channels of mixing.

The module offers X, inverted X, Y, and X+Y outputs, making it possible to send multiple versions of a mix to several destinations. This could make for an excellent system for managing effect sends, feedback routing, and much moreā€”the MAR makes it obvious just how much potential even a simple utility can offer.

MAR Features

  • Dual mixer for Eurorack synthesizers
  • Each mixer is DC-coupled for performance with audio, CV, or gates
  • Mixer X is a four-channel, audio taper mixer
  • Mixer Y offers fixed gain for each of its four inputs, but a master output gain level
  • X output normalized to Y1 input
  • Outputs for X, inverted X, Y, and X+Y
  • Eurorack module
  • Width: 8hp
  • Depth: 15mm
  • Current draw: 16mA @ +12V, 16mA @ -12V
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