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MOTUUltraLite-mk5 USB-C Audio Interface


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MOTU UltraLite-mk5

MOTU are back with an updated version of their highly revered audio interface—meet the Ultralite-mk5. Perhaps what always made Ultralite interfaces standout is their well-balanced combination of high-quality audio and an uncompromising amount of I/O packed into an extremely compact and portable enclosure. All of this is preserved in the 5th generation of the interface, but modernized and enhanced in areas that were worth improving.

Ultralite mk5 is based on the well-loved ESS Sabre32 DAC technology that is known for its low noise, wide dynamic range, and low latency. In terms of connectivity, the interface sports 18 input and 22 output channels collectively comprising a whopping total of 40 channels that can all be used simultaneously. There are two quality preamps on board endowed with enough gain to amplify even the subtlest of sounds, without adding any unwanted noise.

There is a reason why MOTU interfaces are often preferred by musicians who work with synthesizers, and other electronic musical instruments. Ultralite has everything to seamlessly integrate a variety of hardware music machines into your workflow. On board MIDI I/O makes it easy to connect with pretty much any MIDI-enabled instrument, while DC-coupled outputs let you send analog control voltage signals from your DAW to modular and other CV/Gate instruments. The interface includes a profusion of onboard DSP effects, allowing you to process your signal and mix without putting extra strain on your CPU.

The new Ultralite is equipped with a USB-C port for connecting to computers, and being class-compliant it is a perfect choice for IOS. Finally, the metering display also received an upgrade, providing you with crucial information about the signal levels, sample rate, and other details in real time. Without a doubt, MOTU Ultralite-mk5 reigns as one of the finest audio interfaces in its category.

UltraLite-mk5 Features

  • 18 x 22 USB Audio Interface
  • Utilizes ESS SAbre32 DACs for superb audio quality
  • Internal DSP effects for standalone mixing purposes and offloading processing power from your computer
  • Revamped CueMix 5 software makes editing settings and monitoring signals a breeze
  • USB Type-C connection, with fully class compliant operation
  • Loopback for conveneint streaming flexibility
  • MIDI I/O
  • Included MOTU Performer Lite software with a collection of loops and sample packs
  • Supported Sample Rates: 44.1, 48, 88.2, 96, 176.4, 192kHz
  • Analog Inputs: 2x XLR/TRS, 6x 1/4" TRS line inputs
  • Analog Outputs: 10x 1/4" TRS line outputs, 1x 1/4" TRS Headphones output
  • MIDI: 5-pin In, 5-pin Out
  • Digital Audio: Optical I/O supporting ADAT, SMUX, and TOSLink, RCA S/PDIF I/O Dimensions: 8.6" x 6.9" x 1.75"
  • Weight: 2.875 lbs
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MOTU UltraLite-mk5 USB-C Audio Interface Reviews