Arturia Keystep Series

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  1. Arturia KeyStep 37
    Arturia KeyStep 37 MIDI Controller + Step Sequencer

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  2. Keystep MIDI Controller + Step Sequencer
    Arturia Keystep MIDI Controller + Step Sequencer

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  3. Arturia Keystep Pro Performance Controller
    Arturia Keystep Pro Keyboard MIDI Controller + Sequencer

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1-3 of 3 items

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Arturia's Keystep line is designed to put control right at your fingertips: so if you're looking for a compact, portable MIDI controller, or a MIDI master keyboard/sequencer to drive your entire studio or live setup, they've got you covered. From the humble (yet powerful) Keystep to the multi-channel Keystep Pro master keyboard/sequencer, Arturia's controllers are designed to become the center of any electronic music performance or production setup, from modular synth live performances to intricate MIDI-centric studio setups.

With both control voltage (CV) and MIDI capabilities built into each unit, it's easy for any electronic music to find a place for an Arturia controller in their rig. Add a Keystep 37 to your desktop semi-modular setup, or use a Keystep Pro to drive a Eurorack drum machine...or of course, use the Keystep Pro to tie together hardware and software seamlessly. No matter your workflow, Arturia is here to help you get hands-on control of your music.