ArturiaKeystep Pro Keyboard MIDI Controller + Sequencer


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Arturia Keystep Pro

Offering powerful potential as a central hub for a studio full of both hardware and software instruments, the Arturia Keystep Pro, part of their Keystep series, is a worthy addition to any electronic music performance setup. Building off of Arturia's previous controllers, this new entry combines many of the best aspects of the Beatstep Pro and the original Keystep.

On the surface, the sequencer appears functionally identical to those on previous Arturia controllers and instruments: four tracks with up to 64 steps each. But the Keystep Pro breaks from its predecessors by adding the capability of storing up to 16 notes of polyphony per step, allowing one to sequence extended chord voicings or contrapuntal lines within just one channel of the sequencer. Of course, many of the best features of the Arturia sequencers return: independent sequence length for quick and easy polyrhythms, live or step recording with overdubs, song mode and pattern chaining, and much more.

Like the Beatstep Pro, the Keystep Pro features several outputs for sequencing modular systems, drum machines, or other CV capable instruments. A welcome change is that now any sequence can be freely routed to any of the four sets of CV, Gate, and Mod outputs, making it simple to try sequences on different instruments without having to physically change a connection. And for musicians without CV compatible gear, there's no need to worry—as all sequences can also be routed to the dedicated MIDI outputs or over USB. Nearly any piece of gear or musical software can be a companion to the Keystep Pro.

Additionally, one track of the sequencer can be set to a Drum Mode, which then allows you to sequence up to 16 parts of rhythmic sequences, of which eight are available as hardware outputs for gates and triggers. The other three tracks offer arpeggiators, with seven available patterns and up to five octaves in note range. There is also a general purpose controller mode, where the five encoders send general purpose MIDI CCs, but the Keystep Pro also adds a sequencer for this mode, allowing for CC automation from the controller itself.

Simply put, the Keystep Pro provides a plethora of connectivity options with an intuitive yet powerful sequencer, and would easily find itself right at home as the brain in a studio or on stage.

Keystep Pro Features

  • 37 slim keys with velocity and aftertouch
  • Four-track sequencer with up to 64 steps with 16 note polyphony per step
  • Drum Mode with 16 parts of rhythmic sequences
  • Independent sequence length per melodic sequence or drum part
  • Three arpeggiators with seven modes and five-octave range
  • Chord play mode
  • Controller mode with MIDI CC automation
  • Metronome with built-in speaker and dedicated line output
  • Four sets of CV, Gate, and Mod outputs
  • Eight gate/trigger outputs for Drum Mode
  • 1x MIDI input, 2x MIDI output
  • Clock Sync I/O
  • USB connection for controlling software instruments
  • Touch pitch bend and mod wheels
  • Sustain pedal jack
  • 12V PSU included
  • Dimensions: 23.2" wide, 8.2" deep, 1.5" height
  • Weight: 5.9 lbs.
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Product Demo Videos
Arturia Keystep Pro Jam and a Few of Our Favorite Performance Features
The Arturia Keystep Pro is powerful sequencer that could be the centerpiece of your hardware and/or software setup. It has drum and polyphonic sequencers built in as well as multiple arpeggiators. The Keystep Pro can connect to pretty much any device since it outputs USB midi, DIN midi and analog CV/Gate and Triggers. In this video we sequenced a hardware midi synth, some eurorack modules and a software synth running on an iPad.

There are so many cool features that it’s hard to choose one. The arpeggiator was our favorite feature. It is extremely useful for performance and creating new ideas and ways to play chords. You can add up to 16 notes to your arpeggio. You have the ability to create an arpeggio by playing the notes and then selecting the HOLD feature. From there you can make changes to the step and gate length of the notes. Additionally, you can change the octave range, change time divisions, as well as velocity and randomness to the notes all on the fly.
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Arturia Keystep Pro Keyboard MIDI Controller + Sequencer Reviews