MerisOttobit 500 Series Bitcrusher


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Meris Ottobit

The Meris Ottobit is a DSP bit crusher that brings aliasing and sonic destruction to the 500 series format, and it's perfect for lo-fi video game sounds reminiscent of the 1980's. The sample rate is variable from 0.1Hz to 48kHz while the bit depth ranges from 1 to 24 bits, getting really crunchy and lo-fi for old school sonic destruction. The built-in LFO features tap tempo frequency control and waveform selection including ramp up, ramp down, triangle, sine, square, and sample and hold. An internal envelope becomes active when an input signal goes above a threshold, and is routed to the sample rate with adjustable depth. Both the LFO and envelope are added together to create even more complex sample rate modulation.

The ring modulation section features a carrier oscillator that ranges from sub-audio to audio rate frequencies, and this carrier oscillator can be set to track pitch for more musical results. The ring modulator oscillator performs both amplitude and frequency modulation to the input signal, and provides the ability to blend between the two. The effect can be easily bypassed using the front-panel bypass button. Ottobit goes into uncharted territory for 500 series effects, providing bit crushing and ring modulation with internal modulation sources.

Ottobit Features

  • Bit crusher and ring modulator
  • Sample rate and bit-depth reduction
  • Internal LFO with tap tempo and selectable waveform
  • Envelope detection as an additional internal modulation source triggered by incoming audio
  • Ring modulator with carrier oscillator
  • Carrier oscillator can track incoming pitch
  • 32-bit floating point DSP hardware
  • 24-bit A/D and D/A conversion
  • Blend between AM and FM
  • TBD
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Ottobit In Depth Demo
Audio In - Video Game Out.
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