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MerisMercury 7 500 Series Reverb


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Meris Mercury 7

The Mercury 7 is a 500-series reverb from Meris that provides everything from simple plate reverb to huge ambient sound design sounds with two reverb algorithms. Ultraplate features a clean response with a broad range of plate sizes and modulation engine, while the Cathedra is a cathedral algorithm for ethereal soundscapes and a slow build.

The large space/decay knob at the top sets the overall reverb time. High and low frequency controls set how fast the high and low frequencies decay which can provide a more natural room response or can be used to build imaginary reverberative spaces that can't exist in the real world. An internal LFO is also included with modulation depth and LFO frequency controls. The pitch shifter module features selections for octave down, slight pitch down, slight pitch up, 5th up, and shimmer. A swell effect offers ambient reverb swells that create washes of tone. The Mercury 7 also features an internal vibrato effect that comes before the reverb.

Two Mercury 7s can be linked together using a stereo linking cable (sold separately) which copies the settings from one to the other. Every knob and button has a secondary function which can be accessed by holding down the reverb algorithm button and moving the knob, adding further depth to crafting sonic spaces. Mercury 7 is a playable and versatile reverb which can be used to add depth and character to your sounds, in a convenient 500 series package.

Mercury 7 Features

  • Dual-algorithm DSP reverb
  • Ultra-plate and Cathedra reverb algorithms
  • Modulation LFO
  • High and low frequency reflection controls
  • Space decay control sets reverb time
  • Pitch shifter with octave down, slight pitch up, slight pitch down, 5th up, or shimmer
  • Alt functions for every knob
  • Swell for washes of reverb
  • Analog bypass button
  • Vibrato effect pre-reverb
  • Dry/wet control
  • TBD
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Product Demo Videos
The Bladerunner Synth (Yamaha CS-80) With Meris Mercury 7 & Hedra
Few synthesizers have achieved the legendary status of Yamaha’s CS-80, and it’s always a treat when one comes through our store. When it was released back in 1977, it was state of the art for its time in offering a generous number of presets (some fixed and some programmable), two synth layers per voice, and excellent performance features like polyphonic aftertouch and a flexible ribbon controller.

Among the most iconic uses of the CS-80 was in the score for the 1982 film Blade Runner, written by Greek composer Vangelis. Along with the synthesizer itself, the music of the film is renowned for its use of space and ambience supplied by lush reverbs and effects processors. Coincidentally, expert pedal and pro audio designers Meris have a Blade Runner inspired reverb pedal called Mercury 7 that aims to recreate these dramatic reverberant textures with ease. Pairing this pedal with the CS-80 was an obvious choice, and we also made use of their Hedra pitch shifter to add another layer of magic to some sounds.
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Meris Mercury 7 500 Series Reverb Reviews