MerisHedra 500 Series Pitch Shifter


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Meris Hedra

The Hedra from Meris is a three-voice pitch shifter with tap tempo delay lines that can be used with vocals, guitars, synthesizers, or anything else you may want to pitch shift. The Key knob sets the tonic note of the pitch shifter, with an alternate function that selects the scale. Hedra features three pitch shifters with intervals from two octaves below and two octaves above the base signal. A delay line can be added to each pitch shifter with a tap tempo delay and tempo divisions for each pitch shifter, and the pitch shifter channels can be added to or removed to the feedback path of the delay. The microtune function can be used to add everything from a slight chorusing effect to massive warbles and audio warping. Select between no correction, loose correction and strict correction with the pitch correction setting. A glide mode adds slewing between notes for smooth transitions or sudden stepping between notes. With instant access to pitch shifting and more in your 500 series rack, Hedra will provide advanced rhythmic pitch shifting with built-in delay lines and top-notch sounding results.

Hedra Features

  • Three-voice rhythmic pitch shifter
  • Tap-tempo delay line per shifter with adjustable divisions
  • Hard stepped or slewed pitch correction
  • Pitch and time offset per voice
  • Adjustable key and scales
  • Analog mix control
  • 32-bit floating point DSP and 24-bit A/D and D/A conversion
  • Low noise, high headroom
  • TBD
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Product Demo Videos
The Bladerunner Synth (Yamaha CS-80) With Meris Mercury 7 & Hedra
Few synthesizers have achieved the legendary status of Yamaha’s CS-80, and it’s always a treat when one comes through our store. When it was released back in 1977, it was state of the art for its time in offering a generous number of presets (some fixed and some programmable), two synth layers per voice, and excellent performance features like polyphonic aftertouch and a flexible ribbon controller.

Among the most iconic uses of the CS-80 was in the score for the 1982 film Blade Runner, written by Greek composer Vangelis. Along with the synthesizer itself, the music of the film is renowned for its use of space and ambience supplied by lush reverbs and effects processors. Coincidentally, expert pedal and pro audio designers Meris have a Blade Runner inspired reverb pedal called Mercury 7 that aims to recreate these dramatic reverberant textures with ease. Pairing this pedal with the CS-80 was an obvious choice, and we also made use of their Hedra pitch shifter to add another layer of magic to some sounds.
Meris Hedra 500 Series Pitch Shifter Reviews