MerisMercuryX Modular Reverb System Pedal


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Meris MercuryX

Primed to meticulously design reverberant spaces from real to imaginary, the Meris MerucryX is a modular approach to reverb giving you unprecedented customization in space effects. Expanding upon the base algorithms of their Mercury 7, while incorporating the UI and philosophies of their LVX, MercuryX provides the ultimate platform for creating unique and otherworldly reverbs. From the eight expansive reverb structures to the additional pitch, modulation, and other effects that are available, you're likely to find a ton of sounds in MercuryX that aren't available anywhere else—at least not easily.

MercuryX features instantly accessible controls for Decay, Predelay, Modulation depth, and dry/wet Mix, but an impressive amount of other parameters and settings are found within its menus and user interface. Toggle through pages and adjust onscreen parameters to go deeper in the construction of your reverbs—to the point where you can place additional Processing elements at various places in the signal chain. You have everything from compressors and dynamic effects to preamps, filters, pitch shifters, and an all-new Freeze effect for infinitely held drones, pads, and more.

Of course, the name MercuryX implies a relation to their original reverb pedal, Mercury 7. Indeed, this new offering contains updated versions of the original Cathedra and Ultraplate reverbs, but an additional six Reverb Structures are available for even more variety. The new set of Spring, 78 Room, 78 Plate, and 78 Hall options offer classic, dependable 'verbs for traditional applications, but Prism and Gravity will go well beyond your perceptions of what reverb engines should normally achieve. Add in the fact that MercuryX's "Predelay" is effectively a 2+ second stereo delay on the input, and you'll be crafting the dreamiest ambiences imaginable.

MercuryX can store 99 of your favorite sounds across 33 preset banks, ensuring that you can blast off into orbit at any given moment. Expansive MIDI implementation and easy Expression pedal setup allow you to remotely control nearly any aspect of your MercuryX patches, and you can even go deeper into presets to define Modifier routings and ranges to get the ultimate in customized and performable reverbs. If your standard for reverbs are in the stratosphere, it's possible that the otherworldly capabilities of MercuryX are the perfect match for you.

MercuryX Features

  • Modular reverb system
  • Highly flexible stereo reverb with deep customization
  • 8 Meris reverb structures: Ultraplate, Cathedra, 78 Room, 78 Plate, 78 Hall, Spring, Prism, and Gravity
  • Extended stereo predelay with up to 2.54 seconds of delay time, cross-feedback, modulation, and more
  • Processing elements may be inserted into many places throughout the reverb signal chain: Pre + Dry, Pre, Feedback, Pre Tank, and Post
  • Numerous dynamic, preamp, pitch-shifting, filtering, and modulation effects may be added to reverbs
  • Extensive modifier routings for onboard LFOs, expression pedals, and more
  • 99 Presets across 33 banks with Favorites mode
  • Onboard tuner
  • Stereo I/O
  • Expression Input
  • MIDI I/O
  • Extensive MIDI implementation
  • 24-bit converters, 32-bit floating point internal processing
  • Dimensions: 7.25" x 4.5" x 2" (W x L x H)
  • Power Specs: 9VDC center-negative (PSU not included)
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