MerisMercury 7 Ethereal Stereo Reverb Pedal


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Meris Mercury 7 Ethereal Stereo Reverb Pedal

Proudly inspired by atmospheres heard in the Bladerunner soundtrack, the Mercury 7 by Meris is a compelling, modern reverb pedal containing lovingly crafted algorithms with realtime controls for constructing new spaces of sonic architecture. The Ultraplate algorithm is a lush, rich take on plate reverbs, and Cathedra is a gateway to a huge expanse of sound, and the sound of both algorithms are largely shaped by separate low and high frequency controls affecting the virtual tanks more than simply filtering out their respective range of frequencies. Meris took special care with crafting the Pitch Vector control, and as a result Mercury 7 can produce singing shimmers and thick suboctave drones. Dial in your favorite settings, and engage the Swell switch to maximize Space Decay length, turning any sound into an infinitely sustained pad.

While Mercury 7 contains many of the hallmarks of traditional reverb settings, and will sound great as a "set and forget" reverb pedal, Meris passionately encourages the use of internal and external modulation to shape your reverbs into otherworldly forms. An internal LFO is provided for warping the spaces built by Mercury 7, but an expression pedal input that also functions as a MIDI input opens the pedal up to any external source of modulation, from MIDI controllers to DAW automation.

Mercury 7 puts the tools of sonic construction into your hands, with the power to build or destroy worlds of sound at your disposal.

Mercury 7 Features

  • Stereo reverb pedal inspired by the ambiences of the Bladerunner soundtrack
  • 24-bit AD/DA conversion and 32-bit floating point DSP
  • Two custom algorithms: Ultraplate and Cathedra
  • Pitch Vector control adds pitch shifting an octave below, slight detuning above or below, a 5th up, and an octave up
  • Hi and Lo frequency controls both filter and adjust how respective frequencies are processed by the algorithms
  • Internal LFO available for reverb modulation
  • Auto swell envelope infinitely sustains any sound
  • Expression pedal input for controlling any or all parameters
  • MIDI input via 1/4" TRS jack
  • Dimensions: 4.25 x 4.5 x 2″
  • Power Specs: <150mA at 9VDC
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Product Demo Videos
The Bladerunner Synth (Yamaha CS-80) With Meris Mercury 7 & Hedra
Few synthesizers have achieved the legendary status of Yamaha’s CS-80, and it’s always a treat when one comes through our store. When it was released back in 1977, it was state of the art for its time in offering a generous number of presets (some fixed and some programmable), two synth layers per voice, and excellent performance features like polyphonic aftertouch and a flexible ribbon controller.

Among the most iconic uses of the CS-80 was in the score for the 1982 film Blade Runner, written by Greek composer Vangelis. Along with the synthesizer itself, the music of the film is renowned for its use of space and ambience supplied by lush reverbs and effects processors. Coincidentally, expert pedal and pro audio designers Meris have a Blade Runner inspired reverb pedal called Mercury 7 that aims to recreate these dramatic reverberant textures with ease. Pairing this pedal with the CS-80 was an obvious choice, and we also made use of their Hedra pitch shifter to add another layer of magic to some sounds.
Singing Into Pedals: Vocal Techniques for Effects w/ Katrina Cain!
In her recent visit to our studio, LA-based singer-songwriter Katrina Cain shared some valuable wisdom on using creative effects with the most naturally expressive musical instrument: the human voice. We frequently get questions from curious vocalists on how they can explore interesting pedals in combination with their voice, and in this video Katrina not only shows an example of an effective pedalboard setup, but also some important tips on modifying your technique and vocal delivery for achieving the best sonic results. From considering vibrato with harmonizers to using glottal or consonant attacks for defined pitch tracking, many of Katrina's tips are key to understanding how effects can be constructively applied to singing while remaining intelligible and clear.

Using a small curation of her favorite pedals, Katrina shows that you don’t need a ton of effects to prepare an engaging vocal performance. While it contains both a preamp and selection of effects itself, the Old Blood Noise Endeavors MAW also solves the critical issue of bringing the XLR-based microphone into the land of 1/4” pedals. From there, the Mercury 7 and Hedra from Meris respectively offer spacious reverb and ethereal harmonization and delays, and the Ditto Looper from TC Electronic lets Katrina gradually capture and layer multiple vocal lines over the course of a performance.
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Mercury7 Reverb (Pedal) Feature Demo
Inspired by the 1982 Bladerunner film soundtrack, our Mercury7 Reverb (500 series) has been re-engineered as a pedal.
Meris Mercury 7 Ethereal Stereo Reverb Pedal Reviews