Make NoisemodDemix Dual Ring Modulator


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Make Noise modDemix

The ModDemix from Make Noise is a Dual VCA with Ring Modulation. The two channels are normalled to each other, causing strange side bands and esoteric ring modulation effects when using two carriers, or the modulators of opposite channels. It is DC coupled, so it works fine with control voltages as well as audio signals. There is an Auxiliary input, providing three channels that are mixed to the Sum output. When using Unipolar envelopes, the ModDemix functions as a dual VCA. When Bipolar signals are used, it begins to ring modulate (especially when the modulator is in audio rate.)

modDemix Features

  • Dual Direct-Coupled Modulation Module
  • Unique balanced modulator circuit turns OFF around zero volts at the Carrier/ Control INput, making the circuit behave well as a VCA
  • STRENGTH is a Combo Knob, with nothing patched to STRENGTH CV IN, it works as a standard panel control, setting Level. With signal patched to STRENGTH CV IN, it works as an attenuator, setting the strength of the modulation
  • Both circuits feed a summing stage, allowing the module to be used as a voltage controlled mixer
  • AUXiliary IN allows for the stacking of multiple modDemix and/ or Optomix to create larger mixes
  • Able to introduce warm distortions to audio signals, sounds like no other VCA or Ring Mod
  • MAX BLINKENLIGHTS, 8 LEDs packed into a small 6hp module
  • Pairs well with MATHS and Optomix
  • Eurorack Module
  • 6 HP Width
  • 24mm Depth
  • Current Draw: 30mA @ ±12V
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Make Noise modDemix Dual Ring Modulator Reviews