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Low-Gain Electronics Variable Force Generator

Low-Gain's Variable Force Generator is a simple but highly effective way to impart gestural interaction with your synthesizers. Each of the four channels utilizes a force-sensitive resistor to generate CV and gate voltages based upon the pressure exerted on the pads. The CV output of each channel can be scaled from zero to eleven volts, and the gate output may be configured to output five, eight, and ten volt signals.

This version comes with banana jacks, so it's immediately ready to add another layer of touch-based control to your favorite banana synth, whether it's Buchla, Ciat-Lonbarde, Serge, Bugbrand, or some other banana-capable instrument. Exert some musical pressure on your compositions with the Variable Force Generator from Low-Gain Electronics.

Variable Force Generator Features

  • Four channel, FSR-based CV/Gate generator
  • Banana jacks
  • Output CV scales from 0–11V
  • Selectable output voltage for gate signals: 5, 8, and 10V
  • Common ground jack for connection with other banana instruments
  • Power: 15VDC
Low-Gain Electronics Variable Force Generator CV + Gate Controller - Banana Jacks Reviews