Koma ElektronikField Kit Electro Acoustic Workstation


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Koma Elektronik Field Kit

The Field Kit, from Koma Elektronik, is an experimental tool for making music with everyday objects. It includes many ways to amplify various objects to then mix them with radio sounds, much in the tradition of John Cage and David Tudor. The Field Kit is optimized for microphones, contact microphones, and guitar pickups. It can also send out signals with a DC interface, allowing the Field Kit to control motors and solenoids. An AM, FM and Shortwave radio receiver is also included, with CV control for sweeping through the radio station.

Field Kit Features

  • Four channel mixer
  • AM/FM/SW Radio with CV search function
  • Envelope Follower, CV and Gate output
  • Included Low Frequency Oscillator
  • DC Interface, control motors, solenoids, etc.
  • Signal interface, sensors to CV/Gates
  • Desktop Noise Synth
  • Power supply included
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Product Demo Videos
Fun With The Koma Elektronik Field Kit
This video shows the Koma Field Kit with the expansion pack which includes contact mics, actuators, a speaker and electromagnetic pickups. The Field Kit has circuitry designed to be used with electro-acoustic devices as well as a voltage controlled radio.
Koma Field Kit FX & Field Kit Played With A Giant Wrench
The Koma Field Kit & Field Kit FX are a fun set of tools and effects for electro-acoustic music including contact mic pre-amps, mixers, frequency shifter, delay and spring reverb, voltage controlled radio and a few other handy utilities. We used a circuit bent hard drive from Gieskes, a giant wrench instrument and Jesse Dean scratch fader with the Field Kits.
Koma Elektronik Field Kit Electro Acoustic Workstation Reviews