Keith McMillenQuNexus RED MIDI / MPE / CV Keyboard Controller


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Keith McMillen QuNexus RED

Redesigned with an ultra-durable ABS-polycarbonate red enclosure, the QuNexus RED from Keith McMillen is the same compact, feature-rich, 25-key MIDI/CV controller you know and love, but with a few upgrades. Aside from the aesthetic change, the new QuNexus is fully equipped to handle the MPE software and hardware.

New key and pitch bend algorithms, based on the K-Board Pro 4, make playing the QuNexus a more musical and expressive experience. Each of the 25 keys can detect velocity, polyphonic aftertouch, and per-key tilt, which can be programmed into one of the three on-board, 32-step sequencer/arpeggiator tracks. These tracks can be independently assigned to MIDI, USB, or Eurorack, and Track 1 can sequence MPE data. With the KMI QuNexus CV Kit you can easily connect your modular gear, taking advantage of the three CV outputs, one gate output, and two CV inputs (unipolar up to 5v). With the QuNexus software, you can edit the feel and function to suit your taste. Grab the tiny, virtually indestructible QuNexus RED from Keith McMillen and never be without a controller again.

QuNexus RED Features

  • New red enclosure
  • 25 Smart Sensor Keys detect Pressure, Tilt & Velocity
  • MPE support
  • 3 Independent sequencer/arpeggiator tracks
  • Redesign algorithms for key and pitch bend
  • Polyphonic Aftertouch
  • Channel Rotation & Poly Pitch Bend
  • Octave Selector Buttons & 7 Octave Range
  • Pitch Bend Pad
  • 2x CV/Gate Inputs
  • Gate and 3x CV Outputs (16-bit)
  • Portable: 3.3" x 12.8" x 0.43", 11.2 oz
  • Plug and Play: USB powered, no drivers needed
  • Compatible with Mac OS, Windows, iOS, Linux
  • Dimensions:3.3" x 12.8" x 0.43"
  • Weight:11.2oz
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