JoranalogueGenerate 3 Through-Zero Signal Generator


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Joranalogue Generate 3

The Joranalogue Generate 3 describes itself as a through-zero multiphonic signal generator, great for harmonically complex tones. It provides a wide range of through-zero modulation options including frequency, phase, and amplitude modulation. The oscillator is a triangle core oscillator that can be used in the audio or sub-audio range, and tracks 1 v/oct over its entire audio range.

The FM input can be used in either traditional linear FM or through-zero FM, determined by the bias switch. These impart different sonic characteristics to the sound with through-zero modulation causing the oscillator to flip direction and run backwards. The oscillator passes through a phase modulator, which has a phase shift range of 900° and can be modulated through zero. The Generate 3's phase modulation offers an alternative to frequency modulation as it imparts FM like tones without actually changing the frequency of an oscillator.

Two sync modes are present which can be used for differing results. Reset is a hard sync, resetting the waveform to zero every time a rising-edge signal crosses a voltage threshold. Flip, or soft sync, changes the direction of the waveform when it receives a rising edge waveform. Combining reset with through-zero linear FM helps to tame the wild tones normally associated with through-zero FM and helps keep the oscillator's frequency stable.

The harmonics of any signal can be grouped into three parts, even, odd, and fundamental harmonics. Generate 3 offers individual outputs for each of these parts. The fundamental is a sine wave output without any overtones. The even output is a saw wave at twice the frequency of the fundamental frequency and contains the even harmonics, ie 2nd, 4th, 6th, etc. Odds includes only odd harmonics, excluding the fundamental itself. The level of the fundamental, evens, and odds can be manually adjusted or modulated through-zero. Through-zero amplitude modulation is commonly referred to as balanced or ring modulation.

The full output combines the three harmonic outputs for a full spectrum signal containing all the harmonics. The core output is a triangle wave one octave below the fundamental frequency and can be used as a sub-oscillator. While designed to be clean and precise, use of feedback patching yields unexpected results, with the ability to create unstable and noisy sounds. While monophonic, the Generate 3 offers an incredible range of modulation options, far outshining most other oscillators.

Generate 3 Features

  • VCO with through-zero modulation
  • Through-zero frequency, phase, and amplitude modulation
  • Fundamental, even, and odd outputs with bipolar control of level
  • Full output mixed from harmonic outputs
  • Precise 1 v/oct tracking over entire range
  • Can be used as an LFO with a range of frequency from six minutes per cycle to 27kHz
  • Hard and soft sync
  • 1 v/oct trim potentiometer for fine tracking adjustment
  • Eurorack module
  • Width: 12hp
  • Depth: 43mm
  • Current draw: 130mA @ +12V, 115mA @ -12V
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Boris from Joranalogue Spills Patching Secrets! See what he Revealed at Perfect Circuit
Boris from Joranalogue came by to reveal the shocking truth: as it turns out, you can make some pretty sick beats with a modular synthesizer.
Joranalogue's unique approach to synthesizer design leaves a lot open to the performer's imagination. Rather than building straightforward, conventional sound sources, controllers, or processors, they instead make highly multi-functional modules that can cover a lot of different ground in any given patch. While that can be inspiring for some, it might be intimidating for others...but luckily, Boris is here to show us the way.
In this demo, Boris shows how a number of their modules can interact to create everything from evolving sound design to high-controlled rhythms and beyond. If you're into super powerful, performable modular synths—and hey, who isn't?—then you're gonna want to take a long hard look at what Joranalogue is doing.
Joranalogue Generate 3 Through-Zero Signal Generator Reviews