JMT SynthNOSC-12 Drone Synth


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JMT Synth NOSC-12

The NOSC-12, from JMT Synth, is a 12 oscillator drone synthesizer, six main oscillators with six sub oscillators. There are frequency controls for each of the oscillators, including the sub oscillators, which also include sync switches for each of the oscillator pairs. Each of the oscillators are mixed together to a 1/4" output jack. 

NOSC-12 Features

  • 12 Oscillator Drone Synth
  • 12 Suboscillators, one per Osc
  • Volume Controls for each OSC
  • Sync switches for each OSC. 
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  • Rugged Aluminum Enclosure
  • Power: 9V DC Center Negative
Product Demo Videos
JMT Synth Drone And Noise Synths From Japan
This video demonstrates some JMT Synth devices including the NOSC-12 drone synth, TVCO-2 and UNVO-1 synthsand SRV-1 spring reverb.
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