IO InstrumentsSinope Dual VCA


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IO Instruments Sinope

The IO Instruments Sinope is a two-channel VCA that offers extremely low noise and huge headroom. It features both linear and exponential FM inputs, each with attenuator and overload LED. The initial VCA level can be set via the offset knob, with CV modulation added to that level. Additionally, there is an extra "velocity" VCA per channel, making it great for use as an end-of-voice-chain VCA.

Sinope provides huge headroom for an uncommonly detailed sound and wide available dynamic range. It provides clean amplification up to 2x gain and a wide audio bandwidth, making it great for audio processing.

The VCA inputs accept both audio and CV signals and feature level input attenuators. Sinope offers both inverted and non-inverted outputs per channel. Straightforward but versatile, Sinope offers two clean VCAs that can be used with audio or CV signals.

Sinope Features

  • Two-channel VCA with exceptionally low noise and low-click performance
  • Additional velocity VCA for each channel
  • Linear and exponential CV inputs with attenuators
  • Audio or CV input with level adjustment
  • Overload LEDs for audio and CV inputs
  • Eurorack module
  • Width: 16hp
  • Depth: 25mm
  • Current draw: 120mA @ +12V, 105 mA @ -12V
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