Intellijel Designs uVCF Filter

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Intellijel uVCF

Designed by the legendary David Dixon, the Intellijel QVCF is a state variable filter that offers precision and a clean signal in just 6HP. The module also doubles as an effective sine VCO and responds splendidly to FM. Additionally, its small size makes it perfect for both smaller and larger systems.

uVCF Features

  • Low Pass (LPF) 2-pole , High Pass (HPF) 2-pole and Band Pass outputs (BPF) 1-pole
  • FM1 input acts as 1V/Oct when full CW tracks very well over 4+ octaves
  • FM2 input has a bipolar attenuator
  • At full Q you get very low distortion sinewaves with a range of 2Hz to 20Khz
  • Eurorack Module
  • 6 HP Width
  • 21mm Depth
  • Current Draw: 25mA @ +12V, 24mA @ -12V
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