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Intellijel Designs Stereo Mixer 1U

Intellijel's Stereo Mixer 1U is a two-channel stereo mixer, great for managing levels in your Eurorack modular synth's signal chain. With two stereo inputs with dedicated level controls, Stereo Mixer 1U is great for managing effects chains or end-of-chain mixing workflows.

Stereo Mixer 1U has a behind-the-scenes chain connector, making it possible to chain multiple Stereo Mixer 1U modules for more intricate mixing scenarios. This uses the same chaining method as Intellijel's Mixup 3U Eurorack mixer, so you can even combine the two for a combination of 3U/1U mixing workflows.

Whether managing effects or doing end-of-chain signal mixing, the Stereo Mixer 1U is another stellar addition to Intellijel's 1U Eurorack module lineup.

Stereo Mixer 1U Features

  • Simple stereo mixer in Intellijel 1U format
  • Two stereo inputs with dedicated level control
  • Inputs normalled for use with mono sources
  • Behind-the-panel connections for chaining multiple Stereo Mixer 1U modules
  • Chain connections are compatible with Mixup module for mixing chains with both Mixup and Stereo Mixer 1U
  • Eurorack module
  • Width: 16hp
  • Depth: 25mm
  • Current draw: 17mA @ +12V, 23mA @ -12V
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