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Intellijel Designs Multi-FX 1U

The Multi-FX 1U from Intellijel is a multi-algorithm effects module that brings time-based effects into a 1U format, perfect for adding space and depth to your sound. The three FX are reverb, delay, and chorus. The reverb is a stereo plate-style reverb with controls for pre-delay and reverb decay. The chorus is a stereo chorus with chorus rate and depth controls. The delay is a clock-syncable mono delay with both clock input and tap tempo control. It features the ability to control the rate/division and feedback. The time/division control goes from quarter notes to dotted eighth, eighth notes, and then eighth note triplets. The delay can also be unsynced and allows for delay times from 50ms to 1000ms. The reverb and chorus are not clockable, so in these modes, signals at the clock input and tap tempo button are ignored.

The tone control is a simple low pass filter that can be used to control the spectral content of the FX. This is useful for creating tape echo-type effects with the delays getting duller as they fade out. The Multi-FX also features stereo inputs and outputs as well as dry/wet mix control. Pair the Multi-FX 1U with the 1U I/O modules or as part of a larger FX chain using other processing modules—it's a surprisingly versatile module that can find a home in just about any patch.

Multi-FX 1U Features

  • Multi-algorithm FX module
  • Reverb, delay, or chorus modes
  • Delay is clock syncable with clock input and tap tempo
  • Algorithm dependent time and amount controls
  • Low pass filter for all algorithms
  • Dry/wet mix
  • Stereo inputs and outputs
  • Eurorack module
  • Width: 24hp
  • Depth: 33mm
  • Current draw: 130mA @ +12V, 12mA @ -12V
Product Demo Videos
Quick Tips : Spooky Synthesizer Sounds!
We take a quick look at making two spoOo0ky sounds for the Halloween season.

The first, a growling bass, uses a stereo oscillator's unique stereo field to create evolving and animated filter movements and behavior.

The second, a classic Theremin sound, uses slight vibrato and reverb to create a warbled and eerie sound!
Multi-FX 1U
Clockable Delay, Reverb and Chorus Effect!

Multi-FX 1U provides three carefully crafted and highly musical sounding delay based FX in a compact 1U package. Powerful on its own but even more fun as par of a bigger fx chain that could include the Digiverb 1U, Pedal I/O 1U and other 3U FX modules like the Rainmaker and Springray for some dub craziness.

Features Three FX modes:
DELAY – tap/clock syncable, controls for rate/division, tone (feedback low pass filtering), and feedback amount
CHORUS – controls for modulation rate, tone (brightness) and modulation depth
PLATE REVERB – controls for pre-delay, tone (brightness), and decay time
Stereo Wet/Dry balance for all three FX mode
Intellijel Designs Multi-FX 1U Reviews