Herbs and StonesPathways Matrix Mixer


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Herbs and Stones Pathways

Herbs and Stones Pathways is a unique matrix mixer that features voltage controlled gain options and a built-in modulation section. The inputs and outputs are 1/4" jacks, with the inputs having a robust gain stage that lets you patch anything into the Pathways. Input 4 is normalled directly to the modulation center, passing into an envelope follower that is fed to a clock divider with three divisions, /2, /4, /8. This modulation center is one of the things that makes the Pathways so unique because, well, it has one.

In addition to the envelope follower/clock divider, you have two voltage controlled LFOs. LFO X is a variable shape triangle–square LFO with two outputs each 180 degrees out of phase with each other. LFO Y is a sawtooth LFO with both a rising and falling output. Each LFO has a VC input that turns the rate knob into an attenuator, and great fun can be had by just self patching the LFOs into each other.

Each of the 16 matrix points has a fully Eurorack-compatible 3.5mm CV input jack for complex signal modulation, allowing for voltage control of the level of each node. The fun only starts with signal routing and gets ramped up when you self-patch the inputs and outputs—at which point it's quite possible to coax Pathways into self-oscillating. When doing this, you get a complex drone synth, and with the internal modulation points you can get some quite out-there sounds. Combine with external effects and processors and you have a feedback machine to reckon with.

Matrix mixers are one of the most interesting ways to play with audio signals and Herbs and Stones takes the concept to the next level. Whether used for utilitarian signal routing or for all-out feedback-driven noise jams, this is a must for any sonic experimenter who wants flexibility and creative possibility.

Pathways Features

  • 16 Point matrix mixer
  • 4 Inputs and 4 outputs
  • Each point has an independent volume knob and 1/8" CV control
  • Built-in envelope follower normalled to input 4 and fed into a cascading clock divider
  • Clock divisions: /2 /4 /8 with external input available
  • One Variable shape LFO (Tri–Sq) with 2 outputs 180 degree out of phase
  • One Sawtooth LFO with both a rising and falling sawtooth output
  • Heavy-duty gain stage on each input
  • Can self-oscillate, turning into a complex drone synth
  • Dimensions: 12 1/8" x 8 1/4" x 1 3/4", 30.8 x 20.9 x 4.4 cm
  • Power: 9V center-negative (PSU included)
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