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Mystic Circuits0HP 0ttenuator


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Mystic Circuits 0HP 0ttenuator

The 0ttenuator from Mystic Circuits is an out-of-the-rack dual attenuator, mixer, and panner that requires no rack space or power. Use it as an attenuator using the input and output jacks and the top potentiometer. Split a single source to two destinations using the pan input and both outputs. Plugging into both inputs mixes the two signals and produces the result at the mix output. For dual attenuator usage, plug into both inputs and both outputs to split the channels and use each potentiometer separately. If you need an additional attenuator, mixer, or panner and don't have the rack space, the 0ttenuator is perfect.

0HP 0ttenuator Features

  • Attenuator, mixer, and panner
  • Two potentiometers set signal strength
  • Two inputs and two outputs
  • Configure the inputs and outputs according to your needs with patch cables
  • Passive
  • Floating design takes up no rack space
  • For Eurorack or semi-modular devices
  • N/A
  • Passive
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