Expressive ETouché MIDI + CV Touch Controller

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Expressive E Touché

The Touché touch controller, from Expressive E, is a whole new way to control both software and hardware instruments. Touché is a highly sensitive controller with pressure and direction both adjusting the outputted control signals. It contains four CV outputs for connecting to modular gear such as Eurorack equipment, or other desktop synthesizers, as well as a 5-pin MIDI output when paired with their converter cable. Touché can be used to control external gear, or be paired with the Lié software counterpart. Presets can be easily recalled within the Lié software. With Touché, many new expressive techniques can be explored.

Touché Features

  • Touch sensitive controller
  • Works with Hardware and Software
  • High sensitivity
  • Adjustable sensitivity
  • Lie software counterpart
  • Four setting shifts
  • USB Powered
  • 5-pin MIDI out with cable adaptor
  • Four CV outputs
  • Windows and Mac compatible!
  • Power: USB Power
  • Four CV Outputs
  • MIDI over USB
  • 5-pin MIDI Out with Converter Cable
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Product Demo Videos
Expressive E Touché With UVI Workstation Presets
In this video, we explore how the Expressive E Touché can be coupled with a MIDI keyboard to act as a next-generation source of musical expressivity. Branching past the simple pitch bend/mod wheel paradigm, the Touché offers multidimensional control over whatever musical parameters you desire, even all at the same time. Here, we explore the Touché along with some of its bundled UVI Workstation presets. Created using UVI's Falcon, these sounds range from airy, crackly pads and searing leads to throbbing basses and beyond.
Expressive E Touche Controller With QuNexus and Shared System
In this video, we experiment with integrating the Expressive E Touche into the modular paradigm via the Make Noise Black and Gold Shared System with Morphagene.

In the first patch, the Touche acts as a source for articulation (as in its ancestor, the ondes Martenot) and pitch information. The Keith McMillen QuNexus provides pitch information to the DPO while the Touche provides secondary "pitch bend" info. The Touche also controls the DPO's Fold and Optomix's level controls for timbre and articulation control. Finally, the Touche also controls the Echophon's mix, allowing the dynamic addition of pseudo-harmonies to the DPO's raw timbre. With the right pitch source, the Touche becomes an excellent articulator for both dynamics and timbre.

In the second patch, the Touche provides four control voltages to the Morphagene and Erbe Verb. The Morphagene has previously been loaded with sounds from within the Shared System itself. The Touche controls the Erbe Verb's Size, Decay, and built in modulation source as well as the Morphagene's Morph, Slide, and Gene Size controls. The end result is a glitchy, prickly, and nuanced soundscape brought to life by the Touche.
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