Expert SleepersPersephone Analog JFET VCA


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Expert Sleepers Persephone

Bring the sound of an all-analog, click-free JFET VCA to your Eurorack system with Persephone from Expert Sleepers. Using a discrete JFET element at the gain stage gives you the ability to add a little bit of saturation, or a huge amount of wreckage, to your signal. With the Pre and Post control knobs you can use the Persephone as a traditional, clean VCA by adjusting a hot input's volume down, then boosting it a little with the Post knob. You can take the opposite approach and boost the Pre causing the VCA to saturate and distort while using the Post to avoid clipping your mixer. Harmonic destruction can be further affected by the Asymmetry switch which will disable the linear behavior of the VCA resulting in more harmonic distortion.

Two CV inputs are present—including one with an attenuator—which are summed together, going through a sample & hold before opening the VCA. Using the Zero Cross switch will engage the S&H that only fires out voltage when the signal crosses zero and the voltage is held between zero crossings. This allows for completely click-free VCA operation with even the fastest of envelopes. A Bias knob will add voltage to the signal that goes to the VCA, and the CV Out is the S&H output before bias is applied. Persephone from Expert Sleepers is a sure-fire way to add a high quality and exceptional sounding VCA to your rack.

Persephone Features

  • All analog JFET VCA
  • Two audio inputs
  • Two CV inputs
  • Pre-VCA and Post-VCA controls for adding saturation
  • Zero cross switch allows for completely click-free VCA opening with any speed envelopes, even gates
  • Asymmetry switch adds different distortion characteristics
  • Trim pot on back allows for VCA gain adjustment
  • Eurorack module
  • Width: 8hp
  • Depth: 37mm
  • Current draw: 33mA @ +12V, 26mA @ -12V
Expert Sleepers Persephone Analog JFET VCA Reviews